15 years: Caine and Severius

Ever been to a high school reunion? Everyone pretends that they’re still friends with the people they hung out with, that they weren’t jerks to those they’d wedgied and stuffed into lockers, that they weren’t still nursing a grudge against the gym teacher. 15 years have passed since Warmachine was first released,and Privateer is celebrating by sharing baby photos of some of the most notable personalities of the game. Well, not baby photos per se, but incarnations of our favourite characters beforethey were our favourite characters.

Before Caine was an agent of political change he was a Journeyman. Warcaster. He was still a gunslinger, even if he hadn’t yet honed his craft to spellstorm-infused art. Before Severius was the guiding hand of Menoth for a nation of the faithful, he was a Scrutator wandering around identifying heresy and being a jerk, just on a smaller scale than when he got bigger hats.

The thing that amuses me about Scruator Potentate Severius  – Sevvy0 – is that even though this is a “before they were famous” incarnation, and the other models are all basically in their teens or early twenties, Severius is probably in his late 40’s or 50’s. Every other attendee of this high-school flashback is a student, while Severius is the school custodian.

I love how understated this model is.You know, for a Menite, in comparison to his other versions. This is a more subtle Severius, as ridiculous as that sounds, and may be one of my favourite Protectorate sculpts.

Haha! That’s right, Caine! In your filthy Morrowan heresy, you shoot yourself in the thigh! … you thought I was going to say crotch, didn’t you… Like Severius, Caine is a three piece model, but in his Cygnaran hubris he’s the only model we’ll be showcasing from January’s releases that’s entirely metal. No resin. Tsk. Cygnarans…

Fully assembled, Journeyman Lieutenant Caine is a study in why we need to mark our Line Of Sight arcs. A sweet dynamic pose belies the smooth, suave arrogance of Cygnar’s favourite gunslinger.


Caine0 and Severius0 are both January releases, allowing you to bring some of the flavour of their grown up Warcaster selves to all of your lists.