Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts

Sylys… Heirophant… Squire… there are some very distinguished Warcaster and Warlock Attachments in the games of Warmachine and Hordes, and then, with the Grymkin CID dropping, there’s a new contender in town. Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts. The Grymkin get what looks to me like a very dapper cane toad, who naturally has Swamp Gas as a special action… because of course he does 😉

The Grymkin seem to be a divisive faction for many players, and this doesn’t overly surprise me given the division within the faction. Just like you can divide, for example, the Khadoran army into Man-O-War, Iron Fangs, Winter Guard and Greylords as subgroups, or Trollbloods into traditionalists, trained military, and Northkin, the Grymkin – while all essentially fae – are either whimsically comical (eg Neighslayers), or malevolently sinister (eg Murder Crows). Some players seem to embraced the faction en masse, while others balk at the absurdity of some of the models.

Personally, I think there’s plenty of room for both concepts. The Trollbloods have some of the most amusing models in the game, and have never shied away from having a chuckle – Pyg in a snowman, for cryin’ out loud. The outlandish concepts of the Grymkin may seem alien to the setting of the Iron Kingdoms, but I think on some level, that’s the point. These are creatures not of this world, after all…

Lead Studio Painter Jordan Lamb has Cthugrosh on his shelf. If he wasn’t already one of my favourites, he’d have climbed up a rung or two on the ladder… but I digress.

As mentioned, the Lord of Warts is a Warlock attachment. He’s not overtly resilient based on his statline – Def 14, Arm 14, 5 wounds – but he’s mobile, with Amphibious and Jump allowing him to functionally advance 10″ without running.

With Arcane Support he can upkeep a spell for his attached Warlock, saving some Fury, and as a special action he can make himself and his warlock immune to attacks, he can cast Spell Slave to use one of his warlock’s spells, or he can put out a 4″ AoE gas cloud – the aforementioned Swamp Gas – to provide concealment, block LOS, and otherwise hamper opponents.

Oh, and he has Consume on his Tongue Lash attack. He’s only MAT 5 but if he hits an enemy small-based non-warlock/non-warcaster, he just eats them whole. No Tough, no damage roll, no nothing. Om nom nom. If he doesn’t kill them, he can Pull the target 3″ toward him, which could be used to clear line of sight to another target, pull a model with shorter melee range out of combat with another vulnerable model, or out of a control zone.

He’s 4 pts for a warlock attachment, but in his first iteration in the CID – remember, this is subject to change before final release – Baron Tonguelick seems like a heck of a gribbly to have hopping along the battlefield alongside your preferred Defiler.

He’s on the release schedule for April, but for now you can experience his warty unpleasantness through CID playtesting…