Bride of Arkadius

When I think of the Minions subfactions for Hordes – the Thornfall Alliance and the Blindwater Congregation – I freely acknowledge the coolness of the gators (heck, I own a Dracodile) but when it comes to things that just look like they’d be immense fun to play with, the porcine protagonists of the Thornfall Alliance win the day. I mean, a bunch of their warbeasts actively have a rule referencing the tastiness of bacon. The Meat Thresher is a weaponized, pig-powered steamroller. Helga and her Valkyries bring forth images of the Ring of Nibelung (and shadows of Bugs Bunny’s duel with Elmer Fudd, complete with spear and magic helmet). And then there’s the maddest damn scientist the Iron Kingdoms have ever seen – Arkadius.

While Nemo is off harnessing electricity, while the necrotechs of the Scharde Isles are suturing zombie bits to mechanika, Arkadius is off somewhere hidden in the woods engaging in bioengineering, genetic experimentation, and dangit, if some of his test subject don’t actually survive. With the announcement of May’s MiniCrate model  (the Seeker of Silence) we also found out what the new bonus model for six month VIP subscribers is: The Bride of Arkadius.

On the one hand, it’s a gender-switched Arkadius. On the other hand, it’s a great looking mad scientist, and at the same time the hair is perfect tor the Bride Of Frankenstein black hair with the white streaks up the side. This model is a table-legal variant on Dr Arkadius, encouraging the young women of the Iron Kingdoms to go into medical fields and look badass in longcoats. I’m pretty sure not every one of them is going to go down the path of evil mad science, and even from those that do I think that the number that find themselves leaning toward genetic experimentation with squealing hogs should be minimal.

And then I’m reminded of the time I watched a game be won by Dr Arkadius, by assassination, as the good doctor poked their opponent to death with the needle gun. I’ll remind everyone that the combat syringe is P+S4 and does one damage per attack. I’m all distracted now and chuckling. That’s like beating someone up with a ripe banana.

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