SCA: Ealdormere Spring Coronation

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to attend an SCA event, so I’m sure you can imagine how much I was looking forward to attending Spring Coronation. Of course, it just happened that it was planned for Star Wars Day. May the 4th. Sure, was also Free Comic Book Day, and the Southern Ontario Open was also happening, but you know when you get a bunch of folks like you find in the SCA together, a Star Wars theme is going to infiltrate the proceedings, to the entertainment and amusement of all. 

Henricus and I scored seats near the front so we could take pics. You know, and compare beards.

I don’t *think* the Imperial March was playing as the King and Queen entered, but I may have been distracted. The ever-present threat of force lightning leaping from His Majesty’s hands was a concern.

Among the many excellent awards granted, I was particularly chuffed to see Henricus – I’m sorry, Lord Henricus – granted his Award of Arms!

There’s definitely some weirdness going on in the art. Her Excellency Augusta may be slipping deeper and deeper into madness, but her illuminations are outstanding…

No, I really can’t explain why a winged unicorn interrupted court to fling candy about the place. But hey, candy!

Sabrina is a newly minted Court Baroness!

It’s an honour to be a spearbearer at court, but there comes a moment when you realize you’re working for a Sith Lord, and there’s likely to be a Jedi insurrection any day now, and your insurance plan doesn’t cover Acts of Lightsaber Wielding Protagonists

Siegfried begged a boon on behalf of Rattanicus, that he be elevated to knighthood.

The Order of Chivalry was called forth to support the boon…

… and a blindsided Rattanicus was helped away from court. But…

… a hooded figure remained.

It’s Prince Roak! He’s challenging  King Evander for the throne!

(*insert lightsabre sounds*)

In a display of mercy, Roak spares Evander’s life.

Ackowledging his defeat, King Evander agrees to let Prince Roak wear the fancy hat.

Complete with scrolling text, Hyrrokin Khan Begam enters to stand by her Khan.

Temporarily filling in for her sceptre, the Khan Begam accepts a lightsabre.

The newly minted Khan and Khan Begam of Ealdormere.

The assorted Orders are summoned to swear fealty.

The people await their turn…

I think Her Majesty may have spotted me taking a pic when the populace was called up…

Outside, there was Stabbery!

And Thwackery!

And more thwackery!

And more stabbery!

And Twangery!

And Thwockery!

And some more Thwackery!

And Varrus proved he was full of hot air! Wait…

Oh, it’s okay, Her Excellency Ben Dunfirth was poking at things with her sword.

Traditional selfie with the Queen!

Now, I’m pretty sure they were discussing whether bananas were tastier than grapes…

And then there was the time when the fire alarm went off and we all hung around outside til we got the all-clear.

Garreth and I are low-key dropping our next album later this year.

A glorious day was had, and completely unrelated, Rebeccah and I dropped by the Southern Ontario Open later in the evening.

Is it a Death Knell? Is it a Meat Thresher? It it a Lictor? I don’t bloody know!

Menites vs Crucible Guard!


And just as we were leaving, I got hit in the feels as I saw my old Retribution army sitting in a tray, awaiting more games. Ah, they served me well… here’s hoping they’re performing well for their current master.