SDE Masterclass: The one-eyed harpooner riding a ton of blubber

Every once in a while you get a model that just blows your mind with it’s je ne sais quoi, something that just makes you excited to be a tabletop hobbyist. I got to experience one such moment last week as I assembled the Tusk Raider, one of the Ninja Division Masterclass Resin’s for Super Dungeon Explore. The Tusk Raider has been out for awhile, but to date I’d not managed to wrap my grubby little mitts around one.

What do you mean, your resin models don’t come in baggies?

The Tusk Raider model comes in seven components, though you only need four to assemble the walrus itself, the goodest  of good blubberbois.

Look at that face! How can you not love that slobbery face with its enormous tusks?

Walrus butt is also a good time, and he brings his own snacks in a basket. Also, now we know what happened to the Deeproot Wolf Rider’s bedroll.

Neat conceit: Notice the indent behind the “toes”? It’s designed to run along the lip of the provided base. A nice touch that allows the body of the walrus to glue securely to the base without being awkwardly lifted by flippery appendage details.

Such a good blubberboi! The circle socket on his side there will hold the chain coil for the harpoon, and the chains leading back from the helm will sit nicely around the hand of the rider. Speaking of…

How has it taken me this long to realize that this helmet has tusks too???

Magnificent. Bloody magnificent in all its blubbery stabbiness. The concept is absurd, and I can’t wait to play him in an game of Super Dungeon Explore. Either that or figure out some way to work him in as an NPC in my D&D game…

With Ninja Division working to promote the Masterclass line and fulfill their kickstarter obligations, we also saw some new models enter the fray, chibi incarnations of Relic Knights characters that are fully playable in SDE. Leopold Magnus and Bang-Bang are now available through the online store.

As a Black Diamond player in Relic Knights, to see my main little guy Magnus translated into chibi form made me happy. He’s as much a jerk in SDE as he is in RK, and I’ll be very interested to see him paired with chibi Static as a pet.

He may be short, but he’s still a super angry weirdo cyborg wizard thingie with a zapstick.

Bang-Bang is one of the two starter Questing Knights from Relic Knights 2.0, and in her SDE incarnation she seems a little less Wild West, a little more Witch Hunter. Maybe it’s just the hat. One way or another, Deadeye is going to be brutal.

Pistols blazing, Bang-Bang seems like a solid Ranged Attack hero, with a fairly boring yet incredibly useful potion ability that can find a home in any SDE team. She’s also a good opportunity to practice painting hair.

Ninja Division has all sorts of plans for new Masterclass resins over the next several months, including Static and Mr Milky as pets for Magnus and Bang-Bang, and more Questing Knights. You can check out the online store to see what’s available.