Monkey Business: Powder Monkey and the Malady Man

Imagine David Attenborough, quietly walking through the streets of Corvis, in search of the ever elusive Dock Monkey. A rare species, only occasionally sighted by the very alert boatswain or customs agent, our nonagenarian documentarian draws in a sharp breath as he spots not one, but two diminutive primates, each a different subspecies! The Malady Man plays his wicked tune as his monkey dances, and the Powder Monkey lights a fuse…

The Powder Monkey is a new Sea Dog solo, armed with vicious chimp teeth and some scallywag (no, not the warjack) thought it’d be a good idea to give him a pistol too.

Two components – one chiimp, one barrel – and there’s a peg on the right foot to pop into that hole in the barrel. I’m pretty sure I don’t need go into any further detail on assembly for this one 😉

In terms of gameplay, the Powder Monkey may become as ubiquitous as the Vassal of Menoth was in Mk2 for warjack-centric armies. Ancillary Attack and Empower will help warcasters get a lot of their ‘jacks, let alone any jack marshals. Catastrophic Explosion is just plain funny though. He’s a chimp on a barrel of gunpowder, with an open flame held in his tail. If you take out the Powder Monkey, and he drops that flame… well, you do the math.

Now, if your monkey has a little more rhythm, it may find itself paired with a Malady Man and his little calliope.

You won’t see much action out of the Malady Man himself – his role is to turn the crank.

The calliope can play an array of tunes, from a gentle lullaby to send an opponent to sleep, to something to put a little pep in the step of a friendly Grymkin unit.

A third tune, jarring, discordant chords undercut by a subtle and sinister melody, promises pain and hurt for those who hear it… at the hands of his dancing monkey companion.By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked…

… this way comes, complete with dapper vest and hat. At his master’s bidding, the Monkey gains additional dice on attack and damage, and he happens to slay his target, the killing spree begins, a la the rabbit from Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

A delightful little pair that would look amazing on a diorama, carefully balancing support abilities with the potential to have a top-hat’d monkey literally tear his way through a unit of light infantry. Ook-Ook indeed.

Ben Brishcar slapped paint on models for a beautifully creepy duo.

If your tabletop is missing that certain je ne sais monkey, check in with your preferred online vendor or FLGS. Remember, payment for purchases usually requires money, not bananas.