Well Fed: Baron Tonguelick & The Piggyback Officer

As a dork of no insubstantial girth myself, there are times I feel somewhat unrepresented in the miniature world. I mean, I acknowledge that there’s not a lot of call for bald, tubby warcasters and the like, but today we look at two particularly portly models. Yes, one of them’s a pig and the other’s a toad. No, I don’t consider either of these to represent me either. I mean, they’re Grymkin models! Neither one’s a Menite! I’m gonna go stare at Malekus…

Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts, comes in two pieces. If you can’t figure out how to assemble him, you just glue the arm into that little hole there.

An amphibious warlock attachment, the lumpy ol’ baron lets your warlock upkeep a spell for free every turn, but he also has his own magical abilities. As an action he can cast Parlay, Spell Slave, or somewhat appropriately, Swamp Gas.

As a toad, he also has Jump, and tactical use of his tongue adds Pull and Consume. He comes by that belly honestly. He may only be MAT 5, but if he hits a small based model, he eats it.

Ben Brishcar continues the purple eye motif we saw on the Neigh Slayer Warhorse with his angry little frog dude.

Now, the Piggybacks are a comically macabre unit, enormous porcine fey riding around on the shoulders of their victimes. The Officer comes in four easily assembled pieces.

Adding Bulldoze and and Retaliatory Strike to a unit of poleaxe pigs seems like a thing, along with a once-per-game minifeat – Defensive Formation – which will allow the unit to reposition up to 5″ and enter Shield Wall.

So for a sweet 4 points your Piggybacks gain both offensive and defensive tech, and speaking for myself I just love the detail on the shield. The moustache on the “steed” makes me think of Floyd from the Electric Mayhem. Look it up, kids.

Both of these chunkers are set to throw their weight around in your Grymkin lists. Hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer. If you go online, make you’re you’re not charged extra postage for those belly rolls.