Lords of Hellas: The Warlord Box Arrives

Kickstarters can be a magical thing. Back in April of 2018 I received the core set for Lords of Hellas, the gloriously ambitious board game that blended alien technology with the mythical worlds of Ancient Greece. The game is super sweet, the aesthetic is one of the coolest blends of past and future that I’ve ever enjoyed, and last week the Warlord Box – containing a metric craptonne of stretch goal product – hit the door of the Gdaycave.

And now I’d like to show it to you.

Pretty cover art showcases Kronos, and bodes the kind of challenge players are going to be up against. Less an expansion and more an alternate game mode, Kronos is controlled by one player while the others fight to stop him breaking free.

Sliding the lid off the 6″ deep box reveals a special surprise bonus… if you can earn it.

Beneath that, rules for all of the stretch content, and multiple sheets of thick card templates and tokens.

So many the card stock… Awaken Realms has produced some lovely components.

The mysterious isle of Atlantis joins the game as a new region… until Poseidon drowns it!

A bunch of new monsters join the game too. For those who’ve forgotten (or never knew!) one of the multiple win conditions of the game is hunting down the mythical beasties that roam the land. New targets!

Beneath all the cardstock a plastic shield hides wonders beneath…

And beneath those, MORE WONDERS!

Odysseus, Cassanda and Cleito join the ranks of playable heroes. Cleito’s staff shows there’s some hot-water-bending needed on some of the models, but I’m still very pleased with the component quality. I love that Cassandra is basically wearing a VR helmet, seeing things that others cannot…

Four Warriors of Hades were in the box, but I’ve already logged a ticket for the two AWOL models.

And underneath? SO MANY COOL MODELS!


Typhon has more guns than sense… I hear he drinks milk right from the carton too. Jerk.

The Python is so full of love it just wants to hug you to bits.

Chiron. Healer and Killer. Will he save your hero at the expense of your army?

Talos, the colossus, wants to know if you even lift, bro

The Siren’s song called to Odysseus and his crew, beckoning them to their doom


I’ve played a lot of boardgames over the years… few beg for the loving caress of a paintbrush as much as this game. Kronos is a magnificent model, though still in need of a little hot water love.

New to the pantheon, Poseidon’s monument comes complete with tentacles on the base.

Hephaestus was a little trickier to get his arms in place. As a reminder, each of these monuments comes apart in five different components, and are built throughout the course of a game.

The big spooky, Hades is the third monument in the Warlord box, keeping the souls of the damned in the underworld.

And then there was… well, Sherman’s not really part of the stretch goals, but he’s happily ensuring that the shipping box doesn’t go to waste.

Now to line up a couple of local boardgame enthusiasts to try out the expanded world of Lords of Hellas…

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  1. Would love to see Sherman in my pledge!
    Amazing unboxing, thanks sir!