Menoth giveth… Guardians of the Temple theme force

Devotees of the True Law, your patience has been rewarded. Menoth, through his loyal vassals at Privateer Press, has seen fit to grace us with a preview of one of the updated theme forces. Specifically, Guardians of the Temple, lending strength to the unwavering defenders of the temples of Menoth, the Flameguard.

An image snuck its way online but it’s a little blurry. No worries, I got you.


  • Protectorate Warcasters
  • Non-Character Warjacks
  • Blood of Martyrs
  • Eye of Truth
  • Hand of Judgment
  • Flameguard models/units
  • Choir of Menoth
  • Reclaimer solos
  • Vassal solos
  • Wrack solos
  • Protectorate structures
  • The usual blurb allowing mercenaries, but let’s face it, it just means I’ll have Idrians all over the place.


  • One Protectorate command attachment
  • Two Reclaimer Gatekeeper solos
  • Two Vassal solos
  • One other small- or medium-based Protectorate solo


  • While base to base with another model in their unit, Temple Flameguard trooper models gain Tough and cannot become knocked down.
  • Up to one Daughters of the Flame unit in this army gains Ambush

Now, time will tell how the new theme structure works in the new meta as everyone adjusts to the new, adjusted rules, but out of the gate the Special Rules make me happy in that TFG are harder to kill in the theme, and Daughters get Ambush. The free model options aren’t bad – Reclaimer Gatekeepers in a troop-centric list are good times and as much as I miss Soulstorm, having the Gatekeepers as Jack Marshals can make for an easier load for your warcaster. Vassals are always handy, we’ve got some great command attachment options, and the last option is any solo except… Gravus and Hand of Silence? I expect that it’ll exclude the Covenant of Menoth as well.

In terms of models allowed, being able to bring any of the Flameguard warcaster’s character warjacks – Blood, Eye and Hand – with any warcaster without breaking the theme restrictions is intriguing, and may lead to some interesting combinations once people get busy with their playtesting.

Sadly, the theme doesn’t allow Paladins, so my current army plans won’t fit with this theme, but someone out there needs to do some amazing things with Pyrrhus, and this theme may be the perfect avenue for that to happen.

Now excuse me while I get back to working on Sekrit Projekt so I can knock it off the painting table, and can line up Durst and his posse… and a bucketload of Zealots.