Themes aplenty

Themes aplenty have been dropping all over the interwebs, with Privateer Press getting us all hyped in the lead up to Oblivion. Reading that sentence after writing it now has me envisioning the Privateer Press staff meetings opening with statements of “Ph’thagn!” and some really macabre snacks. One way or another, the goodness flows, so I thought I’d do a little collation.

You can click on any of the below themes, it’ll open them up to a readable size. Please note, I’m not sure of the original sources for most of these, as they made their ways to the wilds of social media largely uncredited. MY apologies to the original blogs and media outlets.


Of course, as a surprise to utterly no-one, my personal interest was caught by The Faithful Masses, as shared on Qualigeeks. Given that my army plans are Paladin-centric (have you seen the next mini-crate, btw? Alternate Paladin means you can field max FA of three using a different model for each…), the theme force that lets you fully unload your Order of the Wall onto the table is the way to go.

While the theme doesn’t allow the Flameguard character jacks, the Avatar is ready to rock with his butterknife of doom. Idrians, Deliverers and Zealots swarm all over the field, making me happy. They’re supported by Reclaimers (Helloooo Hand of Silence), the obligatory Choir and Vassals are available, you get the Covenant and the archon, but most importantly, you get…


Granted, none of this was unexpected, but being able to force your opponent to choose between a model that’s really hard to hit (Allegiants at DEF18) and a model that’s really hard to hurt (Paladins at ARM21), well, that’s just got good time written all over it. In truth, the only changes to the allowed models in the theme are the addition of the Archon.

Previously, the theme granted you:

  1. Free models for every 20pts of Paladins, Reclaimers and Units.
  2. Warjacks got Hand of Vengeance
  3. You get to deploy a bonus wall

The wall’s gone, warjacks still get Hand of Vengeance, but the revision of theme force core concepts does away with the free-models-based-on-model-choices, and lets you choose your free models based on point size.

Before you could add a weapon crew, a unit of Initiates of the Wall, a command attachment, or a small/medium solo.

Now the weapon crew’s gone (mind you, I’m happy paying for a Sunburst), and instead you can get a pair of Reclaimer Gatekeepers (hrm, Ashen Veil on Allegiants…) or a pair of Vassals if you’re more ‘jack-centric than infantry.

It won’t require a lot of fiddling to change my list from Mk3 theme to Mk3.5 theme, and I do like that the change to how the themes allow free models will allow me a little more flexibility in just how I choose to break down the points between Paladins and Allegiants… When’s that War Room update due again? 😉