Celebrating 10 years of great chibis

Many years ago I jumped in on fairly early on for Super Dungeon Explore. I’d been painting multiple Warmachine armies, and as much as I loved them (and still do), getting to paint such characterful chibis was an incredible change of pace. A palate cleanser after that 17th Dawnguard Sentinel, something whimsical after three Crusaders back to back. I backed Ninja All Stars for more chibi madness, and I also own a couple of Relic Knights cadres. Every GenCon I’ve attended I’ve recorded an interview with Ninja Division, and while there’s certainly been some highs and lows in their timeline, John and Deke and the rest have always been wonderful to chat with, and they’ve continued to make some of the most fun chibis in the industry, right now as part of their Masterclass resins. It’s been ten years of Candy and Cola, so it’s only fitting that they’ve released a new incarnation of their mascots to mark a decade of nifty.

Celebration Candy is the 7th chibi incarnation of Ninja Division’s pink-haired spokesadventurer, after the original metal model, Brave Mode and Shadow Mode Candy, Kunoichi Candy, Cowpuncher Candy and the new Steelhorse Candy. Yes, this means technically you can field a full team of soda-fueled Candy’s in a game of Super Dungeon Explore. Celebration Candy, though, is the first to have cake, joining a very elite grouping that consists solely of Celebration Candy, her sidekick Cola (who, strictly speaking, goes on the same base and isn’t a separate model) and the House Unicorn Diviner. Cake is clearly a very special thing in Crystalia.

A quick assembly, she still needs to be washed and there’s some cleanup to do, but assembly is quick and simple. Celebration Candy brings the beats in SDE, with a native 2Red melee attack, and the ability to ramp that up to 4Red if she uses her Soda Detector attack. Given that red dice yield potions, keeping her loaded for her two potion abilities will be easier than you think. Oh, and she has Alchemy as a keyword, so she can turn any hearts rolled into a potion as well. She can also throw that cake up to 5 squares away, knocking down anyone in a burst radius. It must be a red velvet cake packing a steel glove.

Her potion abilities – yes, she has two – are Nothing But Frosting, which heals and removes status effects as the sugar high hits, and then Sugar Crash for a wave effect that slows opposing models. A great way to hamper mobile mobs trying desperately to get away from your tanks and melee beatsticks.

Cola was a little trickier to assemble but only cos it took me a few test fits to figure out the correct angle for his tails. He serves no direct rules purpose, but would like to offer you some cake, and that has to be worth something. I look forward to slapping paint on both models as soon as the painting schedule allows.

I’ve has so much fun with Ninja Division over the last decade, and I look forward to many more. Congratulations to the entire crew on making it to ten years, hurdles and all. I look forward to watching you tackle each challenge as you move forward with grace and humble aplomb. Here’s to the last ten, here’s to the next.

Oh, and it’s not like I’d only show off one model…

Given my recent post about space dwarves, it shouldn’t surprise you that I was excited to find the Makerguild Engineer in the mailbox. A serious gearhead, the Engineer is packed with steampunky goodness under a disproportionately large helmeted head.

With 2red on his crossbow attach, you might be forgiven for using him primarily for ranged support. I mean, his potion abilities include a Concussion Grenade after all. You’d be slightly mistaken though.

I think you’d have to have missed the joy of EXPLODING ROCKET FIST. Granted, it still has a three square range so technically counts as a ranged attack too, but it uses STR so I’m going to pretend it’s a melee attack still. Just one that punches you from slightly further away with an EXPLODING ROCKET FIST.

I mean, sure, he has Wrench Whack as well, but we all know I’m gonna be using EXPLODING ROCKET FIST at every opportunity. I didn’t attach the wrench at this point so as not to hamper brush access, because damn son, this guy’s going to be painted and added to the showcase.

If you’re a fan of chibi minis, do yourself a favor and check out the new releases, such as Black Snow, Steelhorse Candy, and the sweet Nagari Poisoner, just announced this week. If you’re not a fan of chibis, look into picking up something for a change of pace. It’s good times.