Alexia and the Vigilants

Aside from sounding like an 80’s alternative band of some sort, Alexia the Undying and the Order of Illumination Vigilants may be just what you need to thwart the Infernal incursion in your local meta. On the one hand, arguably the Iron Kindgom’s most power necromancer. On the other, a strike team of zealous soldiers that can roughly be equated with overly religious ghostbusters.

Alexia has been the leader of a unit of undead, a rider on a dead horse, and a bad-ass mini-crate model. Now she’s striding forward ready to his things with the Witchblade. With a null-magic bubble and the ability to grant undead solos Shield Guard (as well as the ability to make a new undead solo each turn as her living allies are killed), she may well live up to her sobriquet.

While the hood maintains the air of mystery, the cloak almost adds a superhero feel to one of the most notorious figures of Iron Kingdoms lore.

The Witchblade and forearms are a single component that joins on at the elbows, this is my only grope about the piece. If those forearms get bent in shipping, then unbending them to the point where you can properly line them up creates a very weak point along the sword grip, and you may end up turning it into two components. Looks super sweet, but… be careful with that bit.

The Order of Illumination Vigilants will play for Cygnar, Khador and the Crucible Guard. Armed to the teeth with blessed heavy crossbows and swords, they nonetheless move through all terrain without  hindrance, and even manage to be stealthy in the process.

The first model has an almost cowboy-esque feel to him with that hat. You can identify his crossbow component by the hilt of his sword being attached the butt. Yeah, I said, butt. Deal with it.

Leaning slightly, this Vigilant looks like he’s about to unload on his intended target. Imagine the Dirty Dozen. Now imagine them armored up by Hernan Cortez’ personal stylist with instructions by the Morrowan equivalent of Pope Julius II, and sprinkle on Billy Ray Cyrus hair, and you’ve got it.

Slinging the sword across their back with their bedroll, the second Vigilant sculpt adds some torso twist and a clean shaven look, because whiskers are heresy. Well, maybe.

Increasingly I find myself looking at models like this and imagining them as role-playing pieces. This vigilant would make an amazing armored ranger/paladin of some sort… which is kind of appropo, given that’s what the Order of Illumination Vigilants essentially are. IKRPG supplement some day maybe?

And then there’s our fearless leader, with her own blessed blade and no hands whatsoever on her crossbow component.

In a mirror to the previous model, the unit leader has her crossbow slung across her back, freeing both hands for fancy swordwork. The Morrowan radiance graces the book on her hip as she directs the fusilade unleashed by her colleagues upon their foe. Or maybe upon Alexia, subversive necromancer that she is.

Alexia the Undying and the Order of Illumination Vigilants are pretty insistent that the Infernals are bad news, and you should buy them for your armies so that you can do something about Zaateroth and her friends. You can find them at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.