MCP: Wakanda Forever! And the Lethal Protector…

Merry Happy Ho Ho, Losties! It’s that magical time of year when we celebrate with our loved ones, share in traditional meals, and in some cases (depending on your preferred festivities) share gifts and tokens of friendship, love, and gingerbread. Here at the Gdaycave we received a little care package from our friends at Atomic Mass Games, and while it’ll be a little while before they find the painting table, I’d like to share with you some unboxings of today of Wakanda’s finest and one of Spidey’s worst nightmares.

Behold CP’s 07, 08 and 09 – Black Panther/Killmonger, Shuri/Okoye, and Venom.

First up, the King of Wakanda and the pretender to the throne. I’ll let you decide which is which. The box provides a handy selection of cards, including an affiliation card for the four Wakandans.

T’Challa is, amusingly, the shortest model in the game thus far, thanks to his crouching pose. Whoever’s staring down the business end of those claws is in for what we know in the business as “a bad day”.

Killmonger, by comparison, is full of haughty pride, but he backs it up with a sword, short spear, and a statue of a panther that be brought with him for posing purposes. Is he suggesting the Black Panther should be under his boot? Treason!!!

Shuri and Okoye’s box has a couple less cards, but I’m no less excited to put paint to model. as with the other kits, there’s some redundant pieces in this one too.You get spare lower jaws for Shuri’s gauntlets. Given that they’re a rather small and fiddly piece, this is a good thing.

Shuri’s model is, frankly, amazing. Fiddly to assemble, with her ponytail and the aforementioned gauntlet jaws being separate pieces, but the end result is a sweet rendition of the princess of Wakanda that makes me want to make “Tchoom! Tchoom!” noises when she fires her gauntlets.

While Shuri is all high tech and the invulnerable enthusiasm of youth, Okoye is the rigid backbone of the faction. Tall, proud, and full of 50 shades of kick-ass.

The Venom symbiote has a long and storied history in the Marvel Universe, including several hosts and offspring, and has been hero, villainm, and almost everything in between. That he never tried out to fill in for Gene Simmons in KISS is his loss.

Does he want to eat your brains or to save them? I guess that depends which way your squad affiliation bends…

  Family photo!

These guys likely won’t make the painting table until some time in the new year, but there’s some good Crisis Protocol times ahead. Check in with your FLGS or preferred online retailer, and get your hands on the nifty!