MonPoc: NovaESR and friends

It’s the second last post of 2019. What better way to mark the penultimate post than with some pew-pew? Humanity’s staunchest defenders are reinforced with a new giant robot, some much shorter almost-robots, and a neat little tank with the newest releases for Monsterpocalypse’s G.U.A.R.D. FACTION – Nova ESR on the monster scale, and Exo-Armors and the MR-Tank as new units. And yes, I can’t stop referring to the MR-Tank in my head as “Mister Tank”. He’s very proper, you know.

Nova may be my favourite G.U.A.R.D. monster based solely on the face that her entire body is a single piece of resin, and the only evident channels are under her smoke-cloud base.

Nova is easily assembled from six components. Both arms are a single component to keep it simple, though I do recommend test-fitting the jump-jets to their central connector, to ensure a good fit.

Fully assembled, Nova is pretty darn sleek. Don’t let those skinny upper arms fool you, she can carry the team.

Nova’s strength is in clearing out Units with her Multi-Fire attack, taking out up to three units with the same dice. Like I said, pew-pew. Sprint and Flight will get her where she needs to be.

Speaking of units, what would you say if I told you that you could pilot an armored exoskeleton that can withstand being stood on by Yasheth?

The Exo-Armor suits come in three easy-to-assemble components. Just glue the arms on and your done!

He’s just so damn punchy! The aesthetic reminds me of a blend of early mech designs with Bomberman. Either way he’s sweet.

And then there’s Mr Tank, in all his tankiness.

  The Exo-Armor units add some punch to G.U.A.R.D.’s otherwise Brawl-light units, and the MR-Tank doubles down on Blast attacks against Monsters while also providing covering fire against enemy fliers. It’s also just damn adorable.

With more and more gribblies clawing their way across the world in their efforts to destroy mankind, will these new G.U.A.R.D. reinforcements be enough to save mankind? Take to the tabletop and find out…