Gramut: New Year, New Army, New Pledge

gramutavatarA New Year means a New Army!!! Actually, there will be a lot of new things this year.  I recently made the move from rural Northern California to costal Virginia and with a move that big, in order to keep the expenses of moving low, certain things had to go and sacrifices had to be made.  Army cases take up a lot of space and with a cost of $283 per foot to move a household I had to keep costs down and that meant certain things were not making the cross-country trip.  I sold off and/or gave away the vast majority of my miniatures collection that included a Stormcast Eternals army for AoS, a Bones of Oroboros list (all NIB) and huge chuck of my Cygnar/Trollbloods army.  I had already begun to thin out my collection prior to this, but the move saw me thin out my collection even more.  As far as armies go, I have my Searforge Commission, a Sons of the Tempest Theme List, and a Power of Dhunia List for Warmachine and Hordes… that is all that is left that made it across the continent.

What does all that lengthy preamble mean?  Now that I have landed in my new home of Virginia, it is time to start rebuilding – armies that is!  First up, Age of Sigmar! That starts with the Ossiarch Bonereapers and Stormcast Eternals.  After that I plan to collect an Order of Illumination list for Warmachine because who doesn’t love Cygnar and Morrowans and an entire army of mini-Van Helsings (aside from the heathen and heretic Gdayloke)? [So help me, I will visit Menoth’s judgement upon thee with cleansing flame… – Gday]

When AoS first released I fell in love with the aesthetics of the Stormcast Eternals and I knew that I would be rebuilding the army at some point but I have always tended to play the ‘good-guy’ armies and so when the Ossiarch Bonereapers came out I was surprised at the fact that I wanted to play them.  When I am introducing new players to any miniature based game I tell them to pick the army they like the look of and worry about the rules later.  I did that wit the Stormcast Eternals and now I am doing it again with the Ossiarch Bonereapers, chosen simply based upon their aesthetics.  I had no idea what their rules were or how they played,  I just liked the look of the models.  Derpy looking heads aside (just picture Sam Raimi Army of Darkness type derpy skeleton heads), the models are absolutely stunning and chock full of details and a ton of personality.

As GW was ramping up for the release of the Ossiarch Bonereapers they released a bunch of articles on the Warhammer Community website and one those articles detailed 2000-ish point cavalry list.  I have been wanting to play an all cavalry list for a bit so I sized up the list and started making the purchases.  I had them shipped to my new address to await my imminent arrival.

Now that I am in Virginia I have begun building my new Ossiarch Bonereapers army.  I started assembly with one of the HQ models, the Liege-Kavalos.  It is a multipart kit and it has the option to build either the generic Liege-Kavalos or the named character, Arch-Kavalos Zandtos.  Since I will be tight on points, I opted for just the Liege-Kavalos.  The model went together like a charm and is now eagerly awaiting the rest of his cavalry escort.

I assembled the 6 Necropolis Stalkers next, the Mortisan Soulreaper, and finally I will be assembling the Mortisan Boneshaper to round out my non-cavalry models.  I will admit that whomever GW has doing their digital engineering for how the models go on the sprue and then get assembled is doing a bang-up job.  Aside from gluing the four tiny skulls together and uttering more than a few expletives as the tiny skull parts would go flying from my fat-fingers, the Necropolis Stalkers all went together well and with a bit of posing each looks sufficiently different.

I think the best part so far is that I haven’t played a game with these models and I am super excited to lose games with them as I learn the army and how it plays.  As odd as that sounds, after many years of losing games and winning a fair amount as well, losing is the best teacher.  Granted great dice rolls assist in winning but I can’t teach my dice to roll 6’s… or can I?

The other nice thing about starting a new army is that I get to paint a new army and as a member of the Brush Wielders Union, my 2020 painting pledge will be to get the entire list painted up to tabletop quality and earn the coveted Pledge Keeper Pin (I missed the 2019 pledge by a WIDE margin and I don’t want a repeat year).  The hardest part will be staying focused and getting the job done, instead of jumping to the next new shiny.  I’ll just have to repeat the mantra “Just keep painting, just keep painting, no don’t look at the internet and see all the new models coming out, just keep painting, just keep painting”

[Looks at his Flesh-Eater Courts. Looks at his MonPoc. Looks at all the other unfinished projects. Mutters imprecations – Gday]