MonPoc: Pteradax and friends

Two Monsterpocalypse posts in a row? What kaiju armageddon is this?!? Oh, rest your worried mind , puny human, it’s only Pteradax, the airborne avenger! The Terrasaurs march to war… er… soar to war against those who would destroy the planet, on enormous leathery wings! And no, I really can’t quantify why he reminds me of Q, the Winged Serpent, who is clearly derivative of Quetzacoatl, rather than an enormous winged dinosaur.

Pteradax is primarily a single piece of resin, with metal legs, head and hands. There’s a few resin channels to clip off along the wing edges and on the stubby little tail, but these clean off with ease.

Fully assembled, our aerial antipodean is beautifully balanced to stand without a base. I’d still attach a base if I were you. You know, for extra details, like tiny screaming civilians and maybe a crushed Ubercorp construct.

Flying in Pretadax’s shadow, Pteradactix keeps pace and – since both have the Tow ability – they can bring some Bellowers with them to cause some havoc.

Bellowers have a decent ranged attack, but their main function may well be to just stand there roaring incessantly. Any enemy models within two spaces lose a boost die on all of their attack rolls…

Pteradactix itself only has a ranged attack, but if you’re using it to bite things you’re not getting value for your investment. Two those Bellowers – and any other friendlies – out of combat, into combat, wherever you need them to be. A free movement of 5 squares can make all the difference.

Bonus: Army Apes!

The Protectors of Earth have gained more reinforcements, in the form of General Hondo’s militarized apes. The Command Ape gets the best reception in the jungle, while the Ape Bombers spend their time griping that they don’t get personalized nose art as they drop warheads on their foes.

The look on his face, I’m wondering if he’s just realized that one of the Ape Bombers switched his favourite Rammstein playlist with Kenny G’s Greatest Hits. A utility support piece, the Commander helps get extra movement out of his allies, and increases their mobility by granting them Hit & Run, letting them skirt out of melee or away from other threats after making an attack.

When it comes to destroying a Destroyer’s command center, the Ape Bombers are right there getting additional dice against buildings and damaging near the target with every kaboom. That Command Ape’s sounding more and more useful to get them out of the danger zone after delivering their payloads…


If you’ve decided to align yourself with the defenders of humanity, the new Terrasaurs and Empire of the Apes reinforcements are available through your FLGS and/or preferred online retailers. Gorghadra is coming. Are you prepared?