MonPoc: Xaxor and pals

When I first saw Xaxor, I pondered “What sort of ancient civilisation enormous headgear is this?” and then I remembered all the theories about alien species visiting ancient civilizations, and the concluded that the Planet Eaters may have visit our planet millenia ago to see if we were ready to be eaten yet,  and inadvertently inspired some of the most grandiose hats in people could imagine before they worked out how to make baseball caps. Today we’re unboxing Xaxor and the Scorchers/Exterminatrix blister for the Planet Eaters, Monsterpocalypse’s reigning “Check out my hat!” faction.

Xaxor is a 100% resin model, coming in six components. There was a fair bit of flash on the model, but nothing a sharp hobby knife won’t take care of.

What was a little more challenging was some of the resin channel. When they’re on a curved surface that’s supposed to be smooth, it can be irksome clipping them off and then returning the surface to a smooth finish, given that we shouldn’t use files on resin.

Arms and legs are two to a sprue. I’m pondering carving out the filled space in the claws, we’ll see what happens when I can clear some space on the painting table for this intergalactic monstrosity.

Xaxor does strike a fine pose once fully assembled, perhaps my favourite over Rogzor and Gorghadra… but don’t tell them that, I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

For the units, the Eterminatrix is a single piece centipedal gribbly. Built to undermine the foundations of buildings and structures, this all-terrain armour-eater just wants to chew its way through all it finds.

The Scorchers are two-part models and, aside from adding flying guns to your Planet Eater incursion, they turn every Rubble marker onto the board into a potential deathtrap, being able to set them on fire. If humanity’s defenders forgot to wear their fire-proof underoos, they’re toast.

Bonus: Other-Dimensional Horrors!

What’s an alien army without some ancient and unfathomable eldritch horrors? The Lord of Cthul are reinforced by the Snatchers and  the Hellion.

Snatchers look like floating balloons with grabby bits, and, well, that’s what they are. The Corrupting nature of the Lords of the Cthul manifest, they’ll sink their claws into enemy units, replacing them with interdimensional horrors. I may need to get more of these…

The Hellion is an interesting little sod, flying around and nipping at opposing monsters before ducking back out of range. Their bites can pierce armor and drain energy from opposing monsters, making them a useful harassing tool.

Speaking of harassing, the armature of the soldering station I received at Christmas was exceptionally useful getting the Hellion assembled. It was nice to not have to hold the components together while the glue set!

These models are available through your preferred online vendors and your FLGS. Are you ready for Crush Hour?