SDE: Ice Climber Candy

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some Super Dungeon Explore models here, but with the Golden Kobold painting competition looming, it was time to get some paint onto some chibis! The Furious Fungomancer was promised, and he’s in the works, but I thought I’d knock out one of Ninja Division’s latest Masterclass models first – Ice Climber Candy!

Candy has been Ninja Division’s mascot since the outset, and there’s plenty of variants of her in chibi form for Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All Stars and Rail Raiders, and of course there’s Relic Knights as well, but with the cold wind blowing here in the Northern Hemisphere, Ice Climber Candy was a natural choice. Oddly enough, and somewhat unusually for Candy, this incarnation is not heavily focused on potions, and is missing her trust sidekick Cola. Instead, she’s built for dungeoneering and smiting the denizens the party meets along the way. If you read the fluff on the back of her card, it’s because kobolds stole and drank all her soda. Clearly, that means… revenge!

Candy comes with a human standard 6 move and 3 actions. Her preferred offense is that pick, swinging that pick for an impressive 1R2B (One red dice, two blue). Her armour is an okay 3B, Will 2B, and Dex 3B. She’ll want to pickup some magic items to boost as she does. 5 Health is also standard, but she can still carry 2 potions. She has Yellow and Green crystal affinity, and a pretty sweet ability called Burrow.

Burrow lets Candy move through walls, difficult terrain, and structures. I don’t know how many games of SDE you have under your belt, but the ability to move through walls is somewhat bananas when it comes to board position. Back that up with her Stay Together ability, and for a single action she can pull a teammate from  up to 6 squares away, into any square adjacent. Get your tank into position, your support back to safety, whatever you need – Candy can reposition the team as needed.

As offensive support she’s no slouch either, with her Frostbyte Explorer ability granting both Hunter and Slayer to friendlies within range. That means that can reroll a dice on attacks against Spiders, Gnolls, Orcs, Dragons, Kobolds and Drakes. The undead and fae may have escaped her focus, but the lizards and goblinoids are in for a beating.

If she needs to hit a little harder, she can use a potion for Campfire, making a melee attack with 2R2B that also sets the target on fire. I may have a new favourite pyromaniac… and finally, the Tent potion lets her remove a Princess Coin and put it back in the team’s backpack. This means you can functionally use one of these very special limited resources – the only way you can resurrect a dead hero and return then to the game – twice.

Ice Climber Candy is a departure from the shenanigans we’re used to seeing with Ninja Division’s spokesmodel, but she’s still a strong addition to your team if you’re looking for a support character.

And then I painted her. She’s a fun little model, with opportunity to work in natural tones as well as the brighter jewel tones that Candy is known for. There’s a couple of little things I’d like touch up now that have been revealed by the camera, but by and large I’m pretty happy with her. The base is, of course, from Dragon Forge Design, a few extra angles carved in, and some snow added to help mask the join between Candy’s own resin ice chunk and the case.

I’ll be taking a nicer pic of her sometime shortly and submitting her for the Golden Kobold. Do I expect to win? Pfft. I ain’t no Drew Drescher or Mark Maxey. But she was fun to paint, and the competition was the motivation to get her done. Sometimes participation is its own reward.  Break out your chibis and your paintbrushes, have fun, and throw your hat in the ring. You never know!