SDE: The Furious Fungomancer

Chibis have been absent from the Lost Hemisphere for awhile, but with the Golden Kobold looming, knocking out Ice Climber Candy was  high on the to-do list, and also provided a little extra motivation to slap paint on the big daddy mushroom himself, the Furious Fungomancer.

Long one of my favourite models in the Super Dungeon line, the Fungomancer takes the Okoshrooms and Kinoshrooms that came out with the Emerald Valley Warband, and kicks it up a notch. Glimmerwing – the fae dragon mini-boss that came with the warband – is a lovely creation, to be sure, but let’s face it, he’s just not as much of a fun guy as the Fungomancer. (See what I did there?)

Playable as a mini-boss in either mode of play, the Furious Fungomancer wobbles about the board causing all sorts of havoc, most notably through the Blessings of Hyphaeability. Your hero is a Hearthsworn Fighter loaded with magic items? *Poof*

Now you’re a mushroom with no limbs.

Not quite as deadly as some of the other mini-bosses, the Fungomancer will nonetheless annoy the snot out of the party with magic attacks, Slow effects, and board control by means of bouncing. If Fungal Fury is active and you attack the Fungomancer, after you finish an attack you’re bounced away by Spongyand then take damage for your impertinence.  If he (or anyone, really) gets a Slow effect on you, then comes the mushroomining through Blessings. Oh, and if you do take his enormous fungal butt down, he slaps you with one more Slow effect, just out of spite.

In Arcade mode he’s a little more straightforward, but that doesn’t help the heroes at all since he no longer needs a Slow effect in play to activate Blessings of Hyphae. Congratulations, you’re a portabello.

The Furious Fungomancer was a lot of fun to paint, and a good test of how smoothly I could paint the red cap (and, truthfully, the stem) without the use of an airbrush. Experimenting with washes and layering led to a result I’m pretty happy with and conveniently I even had a base suitable for dungeon flagstones laying about the place.

The Golden Kobold online painting competition is accepting entries up until the end of January. Doesn’t matter where you find your entry  model, as long as it’s a chibi. Slap some paint, maybe win a thing 🙂