MonPoc: Tharsis-5

From another world they come, seeking to abduct all of our cattle and to insert knobbly things in places they don’t belong. The Martian Menace may also be seeking to confiscate all of our dairy-based confectionary. This cannot stand! We will not idly wait by while invaders from another world take our cheese and ice cream! We will rise, and… Oh, what’s that? Tharsis-5 is here? Oh, well, in that case, I welcome our new overlords and politely ask that they not melt my brain. Liquid gray matter oozing out of my ears would totally clash with my outfit.

Tharsis-5 is a a bit of a terraformer, unloading nanobots to build and repair, or to tear down.

He also comes in 14 pieces, a hybrid of metal and resin, and I’m not ashamed to admit it took me a few moments to work out how they all go together.

Tharsis-5’s central form is the two larger resin pieces, and a metal stand to help lower the center of gravity, bearing the Martian’s signature tractor beam. Look up your holsteins!

Each of the side arms is connected by a small metal joint, and the three bits that make me think of seeds – perhaps because of the flock of avians that dwell in the Gdaycave – run down the spine.

The two arms/claws are distinct, but a couple of test fits should have you sorted. The arm connectors can theoretically be attached either way – thinner end to the body, or to the arm – but the original intention is toward the arms. You can line up the front-facing recesses to get them into place.


He does not come alone! Also released are the Reapers and the Harvester. The Reapers are tripods, with a grasping tentacle extending in front.

This means that all of the metal components connect to a central hub on the tentacle/foot piece, and the resin carapace is mounted above.

The Harvester is more reminiscent of classic Martian saucer design, with some pinchy claws for goosing, and an off-center cannon for pew pew. This may be one of my favourite Unit models for Monsterpocalypse.


Together, they’re auditioning for the reboot of “Perfect (Otherwordly) Strangers”.

Check with your FLGS or preferred online retailer – Mars needs moms! And cheese!