MonPoc: Incinerus & Xixorax

When it comes to Warmachine, my favourite faction is the Protectorate of Menoth, and my favourite solo is the Allegiant of the Order of the Fist. Based on that, you may expect that when it comes to Monsterpocalypse, the idea of an enormous fire-themed monster with a monastic origin might be right up my alley. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I, for one, welcome our new insectoid overlords…

Today we’re unboxing Incinerus of the Elemental Champions, and Xixorax of the Savage Swarm.

Incinerus is the first of the Elemental Champions to be released for the newest incarnation of Monsterpocalypse. A towering figure of bronze and fire, Incinerus’ blazing heart fights in defense of humanity with flame-wreathed strikes. Also, the component pic conveniently ended up with the legs placed over the pic of the model on the card to look like an enormous pair of hips and legs, with a teensy upper torso.

Cleaned up and assembled, Incinerus is a quick and easy construction task, with the only part that requires a moment’s thought being the shoulder pieces. You’ll notice in the component pic that each has a small knob partway along the underside, which you can test-fit against the tracks along the shoulders of the torso. Of course, it’s only after I took the pics that I realized I’d missed clipping one of the resin channels, but such is the way of things.

All things being equal, it may only be a matter of time before we see Aquisia, Hurricanus and Tectomoc join the fight…

And then there’s Xixorax, who is directly responsible for the collapse of several linguistics professors as they tried to work out how each of the X’s was pronounced, were engaged in lively debate, and didn’t notice Xixorax itself approaching the building. The professors were later found unconscious in the rubble of the building, alive but still unclear as to what the heck just happened.

An enormous stag beetle of sorts, Xixorax comes in plenty of pieces but assembly is very straightforward.

With a great rack like that, it only makes sense that Xixorax is capable of a devastating headbutt. Chitinous biceps hint at the strength in those arms, while spiked claws offer to assist in opening that tin of pineapple juice that’s been thwarting you. Xixorax is a magnificent model, a centerpiece figure to be proud of, with wings folded back almost like a cape adding a regal presence, but I won’t lie – my favourite part of the model is the secondary armys, teensy by comparison, folded up against the chest just waiting to be rubbed together to make some sweet cicada sounds or maybe just to do the whole Mr Burns rubbbing together thing before devouring a particularly tasty morsel.

Just as Incincerus heralds the Elemental Champions, so Xixorax brings with him the Savage Swarm. How long before the wasp-like Dynastavus flies in? Mantacon? The bloated Mucustos? Time to fly down to your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Buzz buzz, little humans…

2 Responses to MonPoc: Incinerus & Xixorax

  1. Thank you for this review, but how did you manage to glue the parts together? What did you have to do before-hand?

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      Very little. Clipped off the resin channels, a quick wash in warm, soapy water to remove any mold release residue, and then I use a gel superglue (like Loctite Gel Control or LePage Ultra Gel Control). Initial bond takes less than thirty seconds.