MonPoc: MechaMaxim and friends

When you’re a ruthless megacorportaion with more levels of middle management than you have paper shredders to destroy memos that could potentially negatively impact your stockholders, you may find that while your R&D teams can come up with more ways to make things explode, they’re still cribbing ideas from other companies in the name of corporate sabotage or somesuch. Enter Mecha-Maxim.

Hot the heels of Ubercorp’s successful launch of Gorghadratron and Cyber Khan, themselves concepts developed on the framework of other monsters, Mecha-Maxim takes the groundbreaking design of the Shadow Sun Syndicate’s Zor-Maxim, blends in a little G.U.A.R.D. flavour, and adds rocket batteries for more boom-boom.

With a more agile frame than its predecessors, Mecha-Maxim brings a new level of maneuverability to Ubercorp’s stable, and enhanced communication relays allow allied units to benefit from data collected by Mecha-Maxim’s enhanced sensor array. All in all, the stockholders should be pretty pleased with this one, once the legal team has quashed any copyright claims coming out of the Shadow Sun Syndicate.

Mecha-Maxim comes in eight pieces, but assembly is simple as pie. Well, as simple as I imagine pie would be if I had any idea how to bake. It’s as easy as eating pie, maybe? The entire body is a single piece of resin, with a separate head and … Rocket pods? Battery packs? Oversized tubes of Pringles? … that socket directly on to the shoulders. The arms glue onto ball joints, meaning you can position them however you feel and there’s plenty of contact surface at the join to make for a strong fit. The blades/rocket launchers glue to the underside of each forearm.

Okay, so I was going to talk about the pose and stuff, but now I’ve got that Giant Cans of Pringles idea stuck in my head, and it’s got me thinking about Ubercorp licensing its platforms to other megacorporations. Just think of the promotional opportunities! San Francisco, proudly defended by PepsiBot! Taste the fist of a new generation! Nike logos on the feet, a State Farm insurance logo on the belt buckle… There’s potential for some very entertaining painting here.

Alright, focus, Gdaybloke. Ahem. Mecha-Maxim isn’t being released unsupported. Ubercorp is proud to offer, to those with sufficient funds for the investment, U-tanks and the AAApebot.

The U-Tank takes a look at the concept of the commonly seen G-Tank, and upgrades all the stuff. Anti-gravity hover technology makes the U-Tank the master of any terrain, while bleeding edge refraction technology powers energy cannons that will stop any opponent dead in their tracks. Order now for free cupholder upgrades.

The AAApebot is a more specialized unit. Operating on proprietary quad limb motive systems the AAApebot – or Anti-Aircraft Apebot – can get anywhere it needs to be to unleash its chainfist and flechette weapon systems, bringing down enemy fliers from unexpected angles and clearing lightly armored units in a single blast. Software upgrade available to remove poop-flinging glitch.

The U-Tank assembly is as simple as gluing a turret on a base, but the AAApebot pleasantly surprised me. Rather than the chain arm itself just being its own component, both arms and the chest are a single piece separate from the rest of the body. This makes for a much more secure join, and no concerns about torque at the wrist breaking of the chain arm, because, well, there’s no join at the wrist to break. Woot!


Both Mecha-Maxim and the U-Tank/AAApebot are available through your regular channels. If your FLGS is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and are not offering online sales, delivery or contactless pickup, check out your online channels that may be able to assist.

And wash your hands. Don’t be a damn dirty AAApe.