Warcaster: Early models – Marcher Worlds

When I came home from work to find a small care package lurking on my doorstep from Privateer Press, I never suspected that they were trying to subvert my allegiance. Subtly trying to tempt me away from the peace, security and stability offered by the Iron Star Alliance, Privateer has sent three models, and each of them is affiliated with those detestable outworlders, the chaos-merchants of the Marcher Worlds Coalition. FINE. I SEE HOW IT IS.

Before we look at the models though, I was brash enough to rouse the sleeping dragon that is Will “Oz” Schoonover on Saturday morning, and I made him share words with me. I invite you to listen to them as he talks about Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. I will caution – The Gdaycave is home to a flock of feathered hooligans nowadays, and some may be heard throughout the recording. I assure you, they are being very respectful and are definitely not uttering invectives in their native tongues.

On to the models! I will note, these are pre-release models, and are all metal. I suspect we’ll see more hybrid metal/resin models when we see general release, especially for the warjacks, though this is not guaranteed.

Behold, the Marcher Worlds Weaver. I’ll confess the haircut is pretty sweet, but she’s fomenting chaos and rebellion, I tell you!

This is in fact the alternate Coalition Weaver model, which was expected to release at the sadly cancelled Adepticon. A dramatic model reflective of the Weaver’s lynchpin role, the Weaver comes in four pieces, one of which is the head with that fabulous sidecut. The enormous lollipop attaches to the backpack via cable, which means you really should attach the backpack first so that you can line the cable up.

Despite her representing the destruction of human society as we know it and a dissolution into wild, unregulated society, she is a pretty sweet model. The 35mm scale means the detail – while intricate in parts – is still large enough that even my doddering old man eyes can see to paint it. Assembly was straightforward, she has plenty of flair. She’ll make a good centerpiece model for any Marcher Worlds Coalition list.

Behold, a Marcher Worlds Ranger, albeit one separated from the rest of his squad. I imagine they’re laying drunk in a saloon somewhere. Three simple pieces, the Ranger is part of the three-man Fire Team Squad that’s coming with the starter. Weighed down with an assortment of no-doubt illicitly smuggled grenades and such, the Ranger is nicely kitted out.

I love, from a modeling perspective, that the rifle arm and backpack are a single piece. They could easily have been two, but in the interest of making model assembly super easy, it’s just a case of one component popped in. The fit on the nice arm took a couple of tests to make sure I was happy with it, but any grumbles I may have had about that are far outweighed by the overall ease of assembly.

And then there’s the Dusk Wolf. A light warjack, the Dusk Wolf doesn’t actually bear any similarity to a wolf at all. Another example of the lackadaisical attitude embraced by the Marcher Worlds engineers.

The model comes with two different heads (representing the Scout and Neural Net Cortices), two shoulder mounted weapons (The Railgun and the Talon Rocket Pod), and three arm choices (Battle Rifle, Flamethrower and Ripper). Depending on how well the Kickstarter does we may see additional options.

Building the Dusk Wolf is a little more involved than the infantry models, if only because you need to pick and choose your armaments! I went with the rocket pod, ripper and flamethrower (because of course I did). It took a little finagling to get the arc receiver and rocket pod into position. But the rest was straightforward, and as you can see, it does look pretty badass, even if it’s an automaton in the service of misguided anarchists.

The Warcaster Kickstarter has a few days left in it, if you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of Privateer Press’ newest venture, the culmination of two decades of game development and design with lots of bonus pew pew. You can find out more at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/privateerpress/warcaster-neo-mechanika