Metro Morph modular wargaming terrain

Point one: Terrain making is NOT my strong suit. Point two: I played Necromunda back in the 90’s, with its modular card-and-plastic terrain. Point three: The Necromunda relaunch a few years back was basically designed for 2D play. Later expansions and rules covered playing in the classic style with catwalks and gantries and ducking around elevated bulkheads, but the relaunch set was basically set up as a boardgame. The came the Metro Morph modular wargaming terrain kickstarter.

It was everything the classic terrain was, and so much more. Its clip system (remember terraclips?) allows for heavy customization, the art aesthetic is perfect for a scrabble through the underhive, and with the added options for guard rails and stairs, you can frankly go to town with this stuff. With the kickstarter delivering last week, let’s take a gander.

For my kickstarter rewards I picked up a core set, an elevation set, and a cover set.

Everything’s packed nice and flat, with a whooole lot of card punching ahead. Especially for the ladders…

Each kit also comes with stickers, which can be put on the clip to help them blend better, and then there’s wanted posters, caution signs, and more.

Each set comes with multiple sheets with an assortment of different sized boards. The quality of the art and the sturdiness of the card are perfect for miniature gaming.

With so many potential building options it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed, but Metro Morph has kindly provided some example blueprints to assist at

Following one of the basic blueprints, it was a matter of minutes to assemble a two-tiered building, complete with ladders.

In terms of what comes in the core box, there’s NO shortage of additional components to build and expand your structure, or to assemble multiple buildings.

The Cover expansion adds girders, bulkheads, railings, barricades and platform edges.

Some railings and other pieces added to our structure and suddenly we’re slightly more OHSA compliant. Still plenty of opportunities to fall to your death, no worries.

The Elevation set adds gantries and walkways, ramp pieces, stairs and landings.

Some super tall columns support the walkway to the extended staircase. I’d already put aside the Cover set when I attached these pieces, so we’re back to being an OHSA nightmare again.

OH NO! It’s a ghoul infestation, since I still had the models here from Monday’s blog post! The stairs are easily deep enough for models to stand on, and even though they’re not Necromunda models and definitely not the infestation the Palanite enforcers were expecting, they look pretty damn cool.

Looking at all this I’m inspired to build an Ambot…  or at least come to some sort of decision as to which Necromunda gang I want to play.

One way or another, I’m very happy with the Metro Morph terrain. As awesome as the official GW plastic terrain is, it’s not cheap, and it certainly doesn’t have the nostalgic appeal of modular, clip-together card terrain. I’m happy to recommend this stuff. You can find out more at