Pedal to the Metal – It’s Heap.

As I sit here fighting the FOMO for Frosthaven, out of the corner of my eye I spot the recently painted Helga On Wheels, a Riot Quest model that I had a ridiculous amount of fun painting, and my mind wanders down post-apocalyptic paths to a game that I tried out sooo many years ago, which also featured a long-haired rough-and-tumble motorcyclist, along with his pals in their trucks, buggies and copters. I am, of course, referring to Heap, one Privateer Press’ Bodgers line of games.

Heap joined an established stable of pick-up-and-play games which included Scrappers and Infernal Machine, and later Zombies Keep Out, but Heap was always my favourite. Each player represented a small gang of gobbers in the aftermath of the apocalypse, squabbling and competing with other gangs to grab enough cool stuff from the massive junkyards of the futureto enhance their Doombuggies, Scrap Hogs, Gyrohoppers and Bigg Riggs and then to defeat their rivals.

Each player has one each of the four vehicle types, and the race is on to get at least three upgrades on each. Then, once the big end fight is triggered, everyone piles in for a big kerfuffle and of course, whoever was able to put together a good suite of upgrades will have a distinct advantage over those who were less successful in their scrounging.

Each vehicle has its own strengths – the Bigg Rigg, for example, can haul the most loot, while the Gyrohopper’s aerial viewpoint lets it spot the parts it needs – and upgrades will fall into specific categories. Each vehicle can only have one upgrade of each type – Weapon, Engine, Cargo, Movement, and Bling (fancy is as fancy does).

Cards serve double duty (triple? quadruple?) in that they’re not only used to represent upgrades for your vehicles, but they are also played to bodge (adding and repairing damage) and for combat. The top left corner of each card shows the traffic lights which will have colored lights for attack and defense as your vehicles compete. The bottom right of the card shows what you can do when you drop pedal and send one of your vehicles to rush the heap to try to find more cool scrap to bolt onto your fleet.

Once a player has three or more upgrades on all four of their vehicles, it triggers the Pileup. Instead sending out one of your vehicles in the hunt for stuff, this is the endgame. EVERYONE piles in, all vehicles, and once the dust has settled one player will be the sole victor.

King of the Heap if you will.

Finding Heap sitting on the bookshelf in the basement of the Gdaycave brought back some lovely memories, and a little surprise when I opened the box. Turns out that at some point in the past I’d acquired a pack of promo cards…

It turns out I have a bunch of Braindrain Zappers. I’ve had a nice little dose of nostalgia rereading the Heap rulebook, and I’m thinking most of us probably have a  game or two sitting in our basements that’ll bring back some fond memories. Have a dig, and maybe let us know what you find. If you happen to find a copy of Heap, let me know – maybe we can get a Braindrain Zapper into your hands…