MonPoc: Unboxing Blastikutter

Whether you enjoy relaxing and reading the Sunday paper, or congregating with fellow worshippers, there’s nothing that’ll ruin the tranquility or fellowship of your Sunday morning quite like an enormous monster clawing its way up from below, wreaking carnage on the landscape by means of an enormous torso-mounted drill that it keeps inexplicably thrusting vaguely in your direction. Oh, and it has a giant chainsaw for one hand and a cannon for the other. We have no idea how it scratches its butt. Let’s unbox Blastikutter!

Two heads may be better than one, but it does require twice the toothbrushes. Blastikutter is the most recent Subterran monster released to make your Monsterpocalypse that much dirtier. Each of the two heads controls one of the arms, allowing you to make both Brawl and Blast attacks thanks to Double Duty. A few minutes with the clippers to remove the resin channels, and assembly is a dream. Everything fits nicely, and after letting the glue set, Hammerklak has a new friend…

The facial grinders mean Blastikutter likely enjoys soft foods. I mean, they don’t have to be soft to start with, but a second or two being minced by either head and anything becomes suitably pulpy. Blastikutter will be painted up to match my other Subterrans as soon as I have room on the painting table, and then I’m that much closer to being able to field a pure Subterran force… Release a new unit blister sometime, ‘k Privateer?

The Media Company was one of two new buildings released, and harkens back to classic newspaper empires of decades gone by. Propoganda clearly has a huge influence during the Monsterpocalypse, with the Media Company allowing you to spend one Action Die to move one of your opponent’s die from their Unit to their Monster Pool, or vice versa. The flip side of the coin is that any units nearby must spend an extra die to perform an action while nearby. There’s nothing stopping you jamming the Media Company in the back corner of your map away from the main fight though…

Also released is the Cathedral, an all-resin, three-part model that does for your own team what the Media Company does to your opponent – Secure the building, and you can shuffle an extra dice between your pools, helping you line up for consecutive Monster turns or consecutive Unit terms as the situation demands.

Okay, so what size brush to I need to properly show stained glass windows in this scale? For either building, I’m sure a media conglomerate can afford something more than basic double glazing.

Blastikutter, the Media Company and the Cathedral are all available through your FLGS, preferred online retailer, or Privateer Press’ online store. Teach those surface-dwellers a lesson with your abdominal drill!!!