MCP: The Kingpin of Crime

While he’s often referred to as the fat man by those who would oppose him, Wilson Fisk packs a prodigious amount of muscle beneath those crisp Armani shoulders. The Kingpin is not to be mistaken for his Californian counterpart, the Slug, and is not to be underestimated as a very personal, physical threat. While he may generally prefer to have his underlings do the dirty work for him, the Kingpin has personally delivered termination orders to those who’ve disappointed him.

A mainstay of Marvel’s New York criminal underworld, Kingpin has long been Daredevil’s nemesis, but Spider-Man’s also found himself in the cross-hairs, as have many of New York’s street-level crimefighters. Black Cat and Elektra have both been on his payroll, and and he’s colluded with some of the most dangerous denizens of the global criminal underbelly in the furtherance of his own agenda. He also put a hit out on Aunt May at one point, resulting in Spider-Man delivering a very sound thrashing in a prison yard.

For Crisis Protocol, Kingpin is the mastermind of the Criminal Syndicate, supported by his number one hitman – Bullseye – and an array of ne’er-do-wells ranging from Killmonger and MODOK to Green Goblin and Mysterio. A master of manipulation and certainly someone who knows how to get what he wants, his Illicit Networklets his agents move resources… and hostages… keeping them one step ahead of those meddling  heroes.

A very straightforward build, Wilson Fisk is a quick assembly with a shiny bald pate. His pack comes with a choice of Medium bases, the Criminal Syndicate affiliation card, a new crisis card centered around the clearly honorable and just Mayor Fisk seeking to find some missing witnesses to help see justice (*cough*) be done, and three new team tactics cards – Shadow Organization (Criminal Syndicate, opponents in proximity have to pay extra power to attack), All According To Plan (Criminal Syndicate, spend a cumulative 10+ power to take the priority token), and Hired Muscle(move nearby civilians).

As for the big man himself, he can absorb as take a hit as well as some of the bigger damage sinks in the game, with a total of 14 health. His basic melee attack is a hefty headbutt that can both stun and push, and just to be versatile he has a free-to-use ranged attack that ignores LOS. Hail to the Kinglets him throw a melee target with a bonus Stagger.

On top of providing his Criminal Syndicate members with the Illicit Network power allowing them to pass asset or civilian tokens around, Street Level Negotiations allows him to hand terrain pieces about. I assume it’s by bribing city officials into agreeing that the street lights should be 20′ further apart, or having a traffic cop instruct a garbage truck driver to move his vehicle. Violently. Through the air. At Spider-Man, preferably.

He doesn’t have any additional attacks, but Solid Frame and Intense Physical Conditioning will further hamper your opponent’s efforts to strip away some of that health.

The assembled model is every bit the prideful mob boss that is Wilson Fisk, an man intimately familiar with power and its abuses. Woe betide any who choose to stand in his path, or who dare to attempt to interfere with his machinations. Some sterling examples of the painted model are already showing up in the community, so today we’re going to highlight some great work by community painters.

Colin Seck’s Kingpin is rocking purple trou’ to match his pocket square. While the all-white suit may by the standard, I really like the contrast and will likely be painting mine up in a similar fashion.

Ken Layden understands that a model can, in and of itself, tell a story. In this case, it tells a story of spilled condiments ruining a suit jacket, no doubt because of that pesky Spider-Man or meddlesome Daredevil. Or maybe Typhoid Mary sneezed at the wrong time. Oh heck, if she’s in town during the COVID-19 pandemic…

Nick Vani’s Kingpin would like to remind you all of the importance of personal grooming. As we progress in years, we may find hair growing out of our ears, or our eyebrows running amok. Tend to this, because appearances matter and no super-villain is going to respect you if you’ve got a wild hedge beetling over your eyes.

Kingpin is an October release for Marvel Crisis Protocol – Request an audience at your FLGS or preferred online retailer. You may not be required to kiss his pinky ring, but you should probably wear chapstick just in case.