MCP: Unboxing Daredevil and Bullseye

Every comic studio has its mainstays, and popularity swings with pop culture. The Marvel movies have thrust the Avengers lineup into the spotlight, making A-listers out of even the lovable losers of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who spend a significant part of the last few decades wallowing in near obscurity. Then there’s characters that have enjoyed some of the best writing in the industry, some of the most iconic moments, who haven’t captured the general public’s attention in quite the same way. Daredevil is one such character. (I will note that the Daredevil series on Netflix was very good and is worthy of your attention. The 2003 move somewhat less so, but I still enjoyed the snot out of Colin Farrell’s Bullseye).

Pairing Daredevil and Bullseye is practically a must. Kingpin is coming out separately, and the only other character I would possibly consider would be Typhoid Mary, but Bullseye trumps her too. A hero with perfect situational awareness, near peerless acrobatic skill and superlative combat training vs a sociopathic maniac with an adamantium spine who can kill you with a paperclip. What’s not to love?

We’ll delve more into their tabletop potential once the models have cleared the painting table, but for now let’s take a look at the models themselves.

The box comes with both of our characters, a small token sheet, and three Team Tactics cards: Cruelty (Criminal Syndicate affiliated, reactive, pay 2 power for an extra range 5 strength 5 attack against a target you just damaged), Acute Senses (pay 1 power to negate Stealth and allow the attacker to ignore LOS) and Climbing Gear (pay 3 power to gain Wall Crawler and make an immeidate S advance)

Bullseye’s sprue is about as straightforward as can be. Everything is keyed to align, and he’s packing the triple front-facing belt pouch to hide the fact that he left his codpiece at home when he left for the office this morning.

Fully assembled, he’s pretty much everything Bullseye should be, in terms of a cocky sonnova biznatch, sneering his disdain at whoever’s about to have their throat sliced by a whirling post-it note, or perhaps one of the knives he’s holding behind his back. While it may not be the most dynamic of poses, this really is, to me, a quintessential representation of Bullseye.

Daredevil’s sprue is a little more complicated, but primarily due to the cable on his billy club. Everything else is – as with Bullseye – about as straightforward as one could hope for. The head had come off the sprue in transit, but Atomic Mass very nicely packs their sprues in sealed packaging inside the box, so there’s no concern about an errant piece going missing.

If Bullseye’s pose left you feeling that it wasn’t sufficiently dramatic, Daredevil welcomes you to one of the most dynamic poses in the game. I may secure the cable to the back of his right hand for additional stability, but whether it stays loose or not, the image of Daredevil launching (or landing) while the billy club cable loops around him is iconic. The lines of the armor in his costume lend themselves nicely to painting him in his traditional red, black Shadowlands variant, or the original black-and-yellow as well. Just avoid the edgelord armored suit from the early 90’s 😉

October releases, you can expect to find Daredevil and Bullseye hitting your FLGS or preferred online retailer this month, and then hitting each other on the tabletop, because their arch-nemeses and all that.