MCP: One Man Army – Punisher

The subject of multiple movies, a fantastic Netflix show, and Lord knows how many comic titles, Frank Castle has been a veteran with a vendetta, an assassin for hire, a herald of Galactus, Frankenstein’s monster,  and even a Guardian of the Galaxy. For Crisis Protocol, we get the one man army, ready to deliver justice at the end of a hollowpoint round.

Of course, my personal feelings for the Punisher are deep and abiding, given that Mr Castle here brought about the end of the life of one of my favorite Marvel characters by firing a bazooka into the crotch of my beloved Wilbur Day. Dammit, Atomic Mass, when am I going to get my Stilt-Man?!? But I digress…

Painting Punisher was simultaneously pretty straightforward and puzzling. On the one hand, his scheme almost entirely black. On the other hand, his scheme is almost entirely black, and there needs to be some differentiation between his black shirt and pants, his black boots, his black belt and accessories, and his black firearm. I’m pretty happy with how he came out, I’m pleased with how clean the white of the skull logo came out, and that duffel bag may be my favorite base accessory ever! I have no words for how much I really like the novelty of the duffel.

Coming in at 3 Threat, Frank is not a super heavy hitter, but he’s locked and loaded and ready to open fire.

His basic attack is Hip Fire, a basic four dice, but with Rapid Fire, so if you’ve got something that’ll buff his attack rolls you can gift your target a surprising amount of bonus ventilation. Aimed Shot costs 3 power, but it bumps the threat range up with R5 and rolls 7 dice out of the gate, Piercemeans it’s more effective at penetrating defense rolls, and as a bonus it both stuns and slows anyone damaged.

The Fallen suggests that you want Frank in a squad with plenty of other teammates. Each time an allied character is dazed or KO’d, Punisher gets a Punishment token. These then directly feed No More Second Chances. For 0 power, Frank can discard 1-3 Punishment tokens to add additional dice to his next attack roll. With Aimed Shot already rolling 7 dice, loading it up to a potential 10 attack dice can really mess with someone’s day.

Spec Ops Training adds some mobility, trading 2 power for a short advance. Use it to get into line of sight, get out of the line of fire, sidle up to an objective, skirt away from an incoming opponent, as you will. Extra maneuverability is a good thing.

Finally, War Zone. Costing 3 power and using up one of your actions, destroy a terrain feature within range and size 3 or less, and every enemy character within range 1 takes 2 damage. In other words, he blows up the cement mixer you were hiding behind. If that’s not beautifully thematic for ol’ Frankie, I don’t know what is.

Punisher is now available in a two-pack with Taskmaster. Set up your sniper scope and clear a path to your FLGS or preferred online retailer accordingly.