Pandemic Projects and tackling the silver hoard

A little introspection today. Late last week Lonelymonk finally made a new post on the wall of his cave that cast aspersions on his dietary habits: How to eat an elephant. Tossing Lonelymonk a huge thumbs-up for working his way through such a daunting project with 110 boardgame models from the Widower’s Wood kickstarter, interspersed with Marvel Crisis Protocol, Riot Quest, and a commissioned Flesh-Eater Courts army, is the least we can do. The man ploughs through his painting projects, and I can’t help but ponder the pace at which I paint myself, the projects I have underway and waiting in the wings.

Thanks to the time gained by working from home, the #PandemicProject  yielded the first painted Warmahammer (okay, Age of Sigmar) army I’ve owned since the late 1990’s, when I sold off my Undead, Chaos Dwarves, High Elves and Beastmen (along with a whole bunch of other stuff) to facilitate my migration halfway around the planet. Yeah, I still have to paint the Zombie Dragon, but with over 3500pts of Ghouls completed since March, knowing that I paint at a glacial rate, I’m pretty happy with the achievement.

While I’ve been making good inroads on my Crisis Protocol backlog (Drax is on the painting table as I write), they’re an ongoing project. Atomic Mass keeps teasing new models that are in the pipeline, and while I’m compartmentalizing into team affiliations to help focus my efforts with the Guardians and the Defenders, those jerks just announced in the past week that we’ve got the Inhumans on the way. Who doesn’t want to paint Lockjaw? He’s the best doggo!

As an ongoing effort, though, Crisis Protocol isn’t something that I can look at as a project, as something I can complete. For that I have to turn to the myriad other models lurking in the basement of the Gdaycave. There’s the new Menite army. There’s the Flesh Tearers for 40K. There’s all of the chibi models from Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars and Rail Raiders Infinite. There’s a couple of Blood Bowl teams. There’s Cawdor for Necromunda (and some Orlocks in the wings). There’s several hero boxes from Godtear, and a Guild Ball Falconers team down there. There’s some Wild West Exodus and Malifaux. Monsterpocalypse and Riot Quest. There’s Lords of Hellas if I want to drive myself insane. And yes, there’s Undercity and Widowers Wood too.

Craig talks about motivation in his post, and how being able to chat with other painters in the Brush Wielders Union helps keep him chugging, and he’s not wrong. Sharing your WIP’s with other painters, celebrating completed models online, is a big thing right now, especially as we can’t get together and share models face to face while observing COVID restrictions. Following some inspiring painters on Instagram can be a huge help as well, such as my old pal Tim (Moth2Paint), or seek inspiration from someone working on a similar project. I’ve been talking with Lady Khaine about her Flesh Tearers; if you’re looking at Tyranids you can’t go wrong with Hive Fleet Spectre for a striking project, and there’s always big names in the hobby like Angel Giraldez, who’ll be working with Privateer on some upcoming pieces.

There’s no doubt, the sense of accomplishment to completing a big project like Lonelymonk’s Widowers Wood set or my Flesh-Eater Courts, but I’m a slow painter on the best of days, and staring down the barrel of a seemingly never-ending project is going to suck all the motivation right out of the gate. I think that’s part of the reason I’m having trouble getting stuck into my Flesh Tearers, combined with the overbearing uncertainty as to when we’ll be through all this COVID stuff and can gather to play games again. I don’t have an enormous collection of grey plastic space marines, but there’s enough to get through, and they’re a tad more complicated to paint than a Crypt Ghoul. Getting them all painted is a long term goal, but for now I’m not in the best place to eat an elephant, to use Lonelymonk’s term.

For now, maybe a smaller pachyderm. A rhino? A tapir maybe? Work has begun on my Cawdor gang, the Kings Row Monarchs. There’s a very limited selection of people who’ll get the reference, but those couple of dozen City of Heroes veterans who played in our little PVP league may even recognize the colour scheme.  The red high-top chucks are just a bonus.