He Blasts! He Kuts! He juliennes fries

While the Monsterpocalypse continues to develop on a global scale, with the Elemental Champions joining the Legion of Mutates to fight off the Savage Swarm and the Masters of the Eighth Dimension (new starters coming!), one could be forgiven for forgetting that the true lords of Terra have been here all along, dwelling beneath the surface and waiting for the right time to emerge. Like a beautiful butterfly metamorphosing in its cocoon, but with dirty great drill bits and the like, the Subterran Uprising broke the crust with Hammerklak and his Mollock attendants, but he wasn’t alone. The masterminds of the underground empire sent reinforcements.

Blastikutter is … an odd little duck. Unlike Hammerklak, Blastikutter strides forth on long legs, ending in enormous tunneling claws. Drills are mounted on his shoulders and midriff, allowing for some seriously impressive shoulder charges and an utterly terminal belly bump (you do NOT want this guy at your kegger), while his arms end in a huge saw for carving choice cuts from hit… their… opponents, and a cannon. The weirdness comes from the mad underearth science that allowed two beings to be bolted together, giving Blastikutter two heads and allowing each control different attacks simultaneously.

That said, the bolts run up the center of the torso, over the shoulders and down the back, with no indication of incisions around or below the waistline. This would suggest that both upper portions are part of the same being as the lower, rather than different creatures frankensteined together.

From this I can think of two options. One, the upper portions were originally two independent upper torsos that were bolted together, or two, there was originally a third head between the remaining two that was excised for being a disagreeable git. I’m not sure which option is more disconcerting.

Blastikutter is the last of the Subterran models to be painted in my collection (until I get my hands on another Mollock blister, or PP releases a second minion blister and the new iteration of Drillcon-Vorionik) so now I need to decide if they should be paired with my Lords of Cthul or Planet Eaters… at least, until that Savage Swarm starter drops…