MonPoc: Cassander and the Legion of Mutates

In the (concrete) jungle, the quiet (concrete) jungle, the lion sleeps tonight… well, not quite. Cassander roars and unleashes feline fury on the Destroyers. What’s the point of being the king of beasts if you’re not willing to defend your throne? The Monsterpocalypse is affects us all, so why not sign up for genetic alteration. One day you’re a normal human, possibly a chartered accountant, and the next? You’re an enormous lion hybrid and by golly, you’re gonna make sure the Zerkalo Bloc are filing their taxes on time! The Legion of Mutates has entered the fray.

Cassander is, frankly, a magnificent monster. Seven components, the two body parts resin. Assembly is easy, there’s only a few resin channels to be clipped off. I stared at the two hair tufts for awhile, trying to figure out which went on the end of the tail and which went on the back of the mane braid, before I clued in that the two components are actually identical and it didn’t matter which I put where. Once assembled there’s a slight gap where the right arm connects, easily fixed with thin rope of green stuff.

Rules wise, his Brawl has Penetrator, stripping away the target’s DEF, and once he flips to Hyper mode, his Power attacks gain Penetrator as well. His blast packs Intimidate, giving you some board control as his roars scare opposing units into moving away. King of the Beasts empowers allied Legion of Mutates units, and Tooth and Claw grants some dice efficiency, adding an extra Boost die to his attack rolls for every two Action dice. Unsurprisingly, the big cat dude can also Pounce as an action, trading an Action die for three squares of bonus movement.

Accompanying Cassander are the rather plainly named Bashers and Blaster. Don’t be mislead, the Bashers are enormous hippo hybrids with wrecking ball maces that will smash their way across the ruined cityscape, and the Blaster is a freakin’ elephant with a high tech rocket launcher. The Blaster even inspires other units with its awesomeness, allowing rerolls with the Precision Strikerule, and packing a bonus Stampede action, because let’s face it, we’d have been a little disappointed if the elephant didn’t have something tramplish. That’s a word now.

Beautifully, the Bashers and Blaster are single piece models, no assembly required. Both models are sweetly detailed, looking like sci fi anthropomorphic animal gladiators. They’re no Subterrans (Hail Hammerklak!) but they may be one my favorite aesthetics for the new wave of Monsterpocalypse factions.

Cassander and the Legion of Mutates Blaster and Bashers are available from your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Someone’s gotta save the world, may as well be a swarm of hippo men!15