Riot Quest: Wintertime Wasteland

The world changed when the Infernals came. The kingdoms of men succumbed to The Claiming and the souls of humanity were harvested like so much wheat. Age-old enemies cast aside their enmity and fought as allies against the horrors that came from realms beyond, but it was to no avail. The Infernals… won. The races of men, of elves and dwarves, the Trollkin and more – in the wake of The Claiming, the inheritors of the shattered world left behind were left to scrabble and scavenge, to hunt for treasures of the time before in a quest to ensure their own survival.

This is the world of Riot Quest, where you forge a team of… heroes, for lack of a better term, all seeking to find remnants of wealth and power from the golden age of humanity. They fight to claim these treasures for themselves that they may ensure their own survival, and to rise above those struggling to live in the devastated remnants of the Iron Kingdoms.

Riot Quest kicked down the doors of the Iron Kingdoms in 2019, giving us a fast-paced, interactive board game set in the same world as Warmachine & Hordes, but in a timeline where mankind lost the war for their own souls. The Mayhem block introduced us to over thirty heroes, all of whom can be used in Warmachine & Hordes as well as in Riot Quest.

Now, after a successful kickstarter, the Wintertime Wasteland block shifts us North, away from Thunderhead Fortress and into the Castle of the Dark Prince. Ice and snow are the order of the day, with a bitter chill biting to the bone as our heroes quest for loot and treasure on a new map. Bring all your heroes from the Mayhem block, or recruit a roster of chilly treasure hunters.

The new Wintertime Wasteland starter has dropped, giving new players a great place to launch into the game (Mayhem block not required), and established players a new map, a new squad, new loot and more. Let’s unbox this darn thing!

Following in the footsteps of Warcaster, the Wintertime Wasteland showcases Privateer’s move away from plastic and towards more sustainable packaging. The miniatures are each packed in paper sachets, rather than plastic blisters.

Digging to the bottom and working back up, we have the new Castle of the Dark Prince map, thick cardboard tokens, and the new rulebook. As with the Mayhem rulebook, the Wintertime Wasteland rules include color commentary from the characters in the box, along with biographies for each.

A dice well and reference card accompany a set of art cards with biographies on the back. With no Scouts in the starter box, Eiryss makes a guest appearance.

Each character comes with their own Hero card, and the game comes with new Bounty, Treasure and Riot Gear, including new Rocket Skis and the mildly disconcerting Wold Bodyglove.

Yay! Minis! Shivers the baby gorax and Yuri the Hunter nicely require no assembly at all. Yssylla’s feathered back vane is separate, Boomhowler the Destroyer is a four piece model, and Stonecold Black Bella requires the most assembly with five pieces, but one of those is the freaking adorable Frostwing the Owl, so all is forgiven. Yssylla is probably my favourite sculpt (Sorry, Frostwing).

More heroes are already on the way, including the ghost widowmaker Ol’ Grim, the man-o-war Bulkhead, and Bumbles the armored polar bear. I’m excited to see more as the season unfolds, not only because of the fun to be had fighting over treasure chests in the Castle of the Dark Prince, but also as they add more models that not only reinforce Warmachine & Hordes, but ALSO provide excellent figures for player characters in Iron Kingdoms: Requiem!

We’ll take a closer look at each of the heroes from the Wintertime Wasteland starter as they get painted, and stay tuned as we expand our stable of loot-hunting adventurers!

Riot Quest: Wintertime Wasteland is available through your FLGS and preferred online retailer. Git some.