Dungeons & Lasers 2nd edition arrives

While the third Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter is generating a lot of buzz at the moment, what with its pretty much fulfilling all of your NPC miniature needs, it was a a delightful day at the Gdaycave at the end of last week when a big box arrived at the door, all the way from Archon Studios in Poland, with a whole bunch of boxes from the second Kickstarter! A new Core set, some extra rooms, three boxes of Stretch Goals, two dragons, and Jerry the Jello.

I was impressed by Archon Studio’s products when I first saw them at GenCon (and received a sample sprue), and I was super excited to be able to build some dungeons for my D&D group before the pandemic decided that we were only going to be playing remotely, but I dream of that day when we can once more gather in the Gdaycave in person (yeah, Ontario’s still in lockdown and stuff) and dammit, I want to be able to make it the best gaming experience I can for my players. In the meantime, the Stretch Goals make for some bloody amazing base accessories…

Today, though, I want to introduce you to Jerry and Durkar.

Meet Jerry, the fastest gelatinous cube in the West.

The sheer concept of Jerry is entertaining as heck. Gelatinous Cubes are normally enormous, filling the corridors they inexorably slide down, eating away lichen and bugs and wayward adventurers who don’t realize that the reason the far end of the corridor looks blurry is that there’s a clear blob with an adhesive surface oozing toward them.

Jerry clearly sacrificed size for speed. Only taking up the space of a single adventurer, Jerry hurls himself down corridors at breakneck speeds. Some hapless soul is stuck on from like a macabre hood ornament, and bonus shields help protect… um… Jerry’s innards? The lance, sword and axe are just bonuses.

This model is characteristic of Archon Studio’s fun design concepts (just check Tommy the Ghost in the current kickstarter) and I’m chuffed to have it in my collection.

The second kickstarter included no less than seven dragons, though only a couple made it to the Gdaycave. Durkar was the most archetypical dragon to my eye, while still being a magnificent model, so he was my dragon of choice (Origon, the other dragon, was a stretch goal reward). The detail is crisp and clean and the hard styrene is very sturdy, none of the flex we see on some plastic models with so much of the figure up and above the base.

I love the posing. Durkar isn’t just rising up from his hoard, his body is twisted and curled as he launchers into the air. He came with the option to have an enormous fireball blasting out from his mouth, but somehow I found the tongue more menacing, roaring out his indignation at those who have dared disturb his rest.

We’ll have a loot at more of the goodies later, but l’m very excited to be able to build a full dungeon for my players to play through, and to be able to populate it with such great models.  What’s your favorite NPC from the third kickstarter, and why is it Tommy the Ghost? Tommy the Real Ghost from the stretch goals is also an acceptable choice.