MonPoc: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Revenge

When your planet needs defending from all sorts of gribblies, but your eco-conscious and want to do everything you can to safeguard the environment from the predations of mankind as well as the baleful emanations of alien species, it can be tough. Coming up with the tools you need to stand toe to toe with Gorghadra without leaching precious minerals from the earth or spewing the toxic fumes of industry into the atmosphere can be a real struggle. Thankfully, the bigwigs in charge of the Green Fury went back to their roots. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

If you absolutely have to have an enormous robot, why not recycle the bits from a previously destroyed enormous robot? Also now available, models to represent your Elite units!

Let’s start with the little dudes. Most units in Monsterpocalypse have the option to be fielded as normal versions or elite versions, with the only physical differentiation in the models being a star on their base. Many players have opted to make variations on their paintjobs to further distinguish their Elites, but now we have the option of fielding dedicated models that display the upgrades thayt come with Elite status.

You can see in the blue image on the card, the standard Exo-Armor is a twin-fisted brawler with a spotlight. The Elite model adds a pair of shoulder mounted rocket pods and forearm mounted weaponry as well.

For the Assault Ape the clamps have gone, replaced by studded blasting fists that make me think the damn dirty ape’s gone and strapped some sea mines into a harness and is planning on punching everything into oblivion.

The elite Carnidon is still all about munching and slashing, but it’s added a gashing horn and spines running down its back and tail. Rumor is it’s also cancelled your AAA membership to it can inflict additional financial hardship when it totals your Mercedes.

And then there’s Earth Knight, the greatest application of the reduce-reuse-recycle concept the Monsterpocalypse universe has ever see. Laser Knight was destroyed by the Destroyers earlier in the Monsterpocalypse, but the Green Fury adherents saw a need – “We need big tools to tackle the Destroyers!” – and an opportunity that wouldn’t require selling out their principals to those damaging the planet with pollution and industry – “Look, there’s that wreck over there collecting dust…” – and with some gumption and an oxy-welder, Earth Knight has entered the fray with a shield made from the deck of an aircraft carrier and and a bloody enormous chainsaw.

I started assembling the model – it’s only four components after all – but wanted to make note of something. Take a good look at the entire model. The entire body – from pneumatic foot to reinforced pauldrons – is one piece… and the only resin plug I needed to clip off, other than those under the soles of the feet, was a small point under the waist armour plating. That’s it. No other resin channels anywhere else on the body. This thing is a lovely piece of casting.

And here we have my only complaint about the model, which is the most minor of gripes: The cool Green Fury logo from the box art isn’t a molded part of the shield. You’re gonna have to freehand your own malarkey.

  Fully assembled, Earth Knight is ready to rumble. Ready to take it to the streets? Hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer.