MonPoc: She’s Got Legs

Fear and Loathing in the Monsterpocalypse! The Martian Menace welcomes reinforcements in the form of walking, stalking fear loaded to the gills with firepower. Phobos-7 cares not for your picket fence, or even the razorwire lining the barrier walls of your penitentiary. Something to do with having legs that are taller than apartment buildings, and a wonton disregard for property boundaries established by the city’s urban planners. Lodged at the registrars desk at city hall? Pshaw! Phobos-7 cares not for your registration fee!

Also released are the Elite Unit models for Chompers, Reapers and Snatchers, to help you more successfully chomp, reap and snatch. Contents as appears on label, I suppose.

As with our last post, the Elite units are normally only identified by a star on their base, or a special paintjob from a doting painter. Each of the Elite models is clearly identifiable as their unit type, but they’ve kicked it up a notch with extra details.

The Elite  Snatcher has developed an under-womb to assist in creating more Lords of Cthul units, and is rocking a ridge of spikes along its crest to indicate its true allegiance to Toruk the Dragonfather. Or My Chemical Romance, whatever.

For the Elite Chomper, the tail has lowered but it’s that magnificent crest that will make it stand apart from its fellows. 100% channeling Bulette energy, you could be forgiven for naming one Bruce (the name of a certain robotic shark from some famous movie about a bunch of cruel and vindictive humans who insisted on interfering with its lunch routine)

Do you fear the Reaper? What about with a scalloped array in the upper carapace rather than a domed pate, and bonus fin bits? We’re told it helps with aerodynamics, but honestly, I think the engineer was just feeling edgy. An edgineer, perhaps?

Now, when you’re a weapons platform that strides across the cityscape on spindly legs, you have an understanding that it’s ideal for you to be shooting those who resist the glorious expansion of your empire from a distance, rather than up close. To aid in clearing lines of sight, Phobos-7 (a simple four piece model, btw) disintegrates buildings and generates extra power dice for doing so… oh, and grants that some power dice generation ability to all Martian Menace units on the board. Terraforming at its finest!

Each of the legs has a -slightly- different sized peg to go into the sockets on the body. The rear leg is easily identifiable as the smallest, you may need to test fit the other two. Cleanup was very simple on the resin components, making it that much easier to ready Phobos-7 to cleanup up the streets of downtown. Mainly by obliterating downtown. Can’t have crime-filled streets if there are no streets!

Stalk down to your own FLGS or preferred online retailer and prepare to unleash revenge upon those puny town planners who tore down your favorite Blockbuster!