MonPoc: Thinking beyond reality… and rocking out.

Did you miss me? It’s okay, you can admit it. It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to pull myself away from [REDACTED] to do a little bloggery, but such is the way of things. Today we return to the beleaguered world of humanity during the Monsterpocalypse.  As if we weren’t dealing with enough malarkey with aliens, elder gods and titanic fish things sloughing through the streets, the Masters of the 8th Dimension have decided to unfold themselves into our paltry three dimensional reality, and frankly, they’re pretty judgy.

Today we unbox the Magistrate, and some of his attendants – the Jurors and Abrogators.

The Magistrate comes in eight pieces and is mostly resin. There are a few channels to be clipped off, as is common with Monsterpocalypse monsters, but assembly is very straightforward. Both gavel fists are interchangeable, and each of his four faces is easily identifiable when figuring out front, back and shoulders.

A judicial concept manifest in quasi-physical form, the Magistrate has judged you and considers you unworthy of life. Smashy smashy! Those gavel arms aren’t just for show, delivering verdicts in a very tangible manner. A walking courthouse, the Magistrate is able to spawn Juror minions as part of a Monster activation, or be the spawning point for Jurors during Unit activations. More impressive, the Magistrate is able to spend a power die to negate an opposing action.

I want to take a moment here to give a nod to the packaging. Like Warcaster, the new Monsterpocalypse releases are packaged with less plastic, more cardboard. Recycling is a thing. kids. Also, the Jurors and Abrogators are single piece models, and that makes life easier 😉

The Jurors excel at interfering with Defenders securing buildings, probably by floating up and peering in the windows and yelling “IGNORE ME!!”. Yes, I know there’s a more accurate floating heard reference out there from Rick & Morty, but so sue me, I like Venture Brothers. They also allow your monsters to do Super Damage with their judgemental glares.

Taking a different take, Abrogators want to … well, abrogate your power. With Power Gorge, Siphon and Power Sink, they’re all about draining the power to feed into the 8th dimension… or its operatives.

And now the bonus! Privateer’s Mini-Crate continues to produce models that are just so damn cool it’s ridiculous. While they’re functional alternative models for their in-game counterparts, they’re just plain amazing painting projects. The Death Metal Fell Caller is no exception.

For those about to rock… (*jarring chord, frenetic riff, something about Dhunia and the false promises of Cygnar screamed so loud it distorts and sounds more like a recipe for banana bread*)