MonPoc: Tyranny and A Need For Visine

Since the relaunch of Monsterpocalypse, I’ve been super excited about seeing the monsters we knew and loved from the original iteration of the game resculpted, redesigned, and returning to the tabletop. It’s been a delight to see the second wave factions drop, like the Subterrans, the Elemental Champions, the Tritons, and it’s been exciting to see new factions enter the arena, like the Draken Armada and the Legion of Mutates. I can’t quite explain why but it never occurred to me to expect -new- monsters for the first wave factions.

Okay,Tyrranix isn’t a “new” monster – he was one of the Combiner monsters from the old days (ie, his “Aplha” form was four individual units that morphed into the big fellow) but Mogroth, with the worst case of Purple Eye (an elder thing variant of pink eye) I’ve ever seen, is new to the playing field.

A seven piece model, Mogroth was super easy to assemble, in part by virtue of his being completely resin. No metal components here! Swing the mouth tentacles 180 degrees before gluing in to be sure you’re attaching them the right way up.

Mogroth is something of an all-seeing know-it-all, with its extra ocular appendages making it super difficult for foes to hide from it, and allowing it to make the most of every action, plotting and conniving in collusion with units. This means it can recycle action dice for either itself or for nearby units, letting  you eke more actions out of either Mogroth or its pals.

Unlike Mogroth, Tyrranix does come with two metal components, which glue together to form the armored crest directly behind his head, protecting that weak spot behind his head where he stores his poptarts and digimon trading cards. Eight pieces in total, but aside from awkwardly holding the two halves of the crest together on either side of the neck while impaling your fingers on those spikes, assembly is very straightforward.

While Mogroth recycles action dice, Tyrranix generates power dice all day long, both by himself and through nearby units. Both Tyrranix and any nearby units generate power dice every time they hit with a brawl attack, and as an added insult every time they hit with a brawl attack they can also reposition. That may not seem that surprising from something like a pteradactix, but when Tyrannix himself is floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, it’s more than a little disturbing.

Both Mogroth and Tyrranix have invaded FLGS’s and are waiting to brawl across your tabletop.


2 Responses to MonPoc: Tyranny and A Need For Visine

  1. Avatar Pete Nicholas Duchak
    Pete Nicholas Duchak says:

    Mogroth was in series 2 of monpoc 1.0 though

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      Shh. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to confuse old men like me? It’s like waking a sleepwalker!