Paint the Target

June already?!? Who signed off on this malarkey?!? I can’t leave you wacky kids alone for five minutes! Ah well, at least some of you sent in entries for May targets. We asked for terrain/walls and shields, the better to hide behind when Origon the Denouncer comes seeking vengeance for your crimes against humanity. … … Just me? Okay then.

Prophaniti1978 dug deep into the archives for a classic Chaos Amazon.

Wallorspin’s Helios tramples terrain… and technically speaking, has a force field, so kinda counts as shielded too.

49 patched together a massive meganob, shielded by excess armor plating.

Lonelymonk hit both targets with Taskmaster’s shield and Toad’s wall.

LostieBen’s Interpid Emmissary is reconsidering his shield as a defense against a sand worm. Perhaps a localized nuclear explosion might be a better option.

NotThatOne’s Necromunda tabletops are not sanitary. I expected better from him. Tsk.

PeteF kept it simple, but his Marcher Worlds vaporator is ready to go, at least until he needs to run into Tosche station to pick up some power converters.



After finding a bonus cask of Amontillado behind an inexpertly built wall in my basement, good times were had with wine, cheese, and sliced deli meats. At one point, in a drunken haze, I could have sworn I heard the name “Lloyd Q Fasselbaum”, which we all know is 49‘s real name. Gratz!

Usual drill, email me your mailing address and we’ll get something on the way to you next time we’re at the post office.


We’ve had some themes lately that required a little more thinking. This time around we’re going to make it simple and blast our way into the middle of the year. It’s time to break out the Big Guns. Whether that means literal big guns, centerpiece models of impressive size, or models with prodigious musculature is up to you.

Send in your pics of newly painted shinies to by Noon EST, June 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end.