Be kind to you

A little update today on my Brush Wielders Union goals. As regular readers are aware, it’s been a busy few months in the Gdaycave, with yours truly doing a bunch of wordsmithing, changes in the workspace, and of course, [redacted], What I *have* been able to do is get a little painting time in, pushing toward completing the next of my Brush Wielders Union goals for the year.

You may recall my finishing my Warcry warband while back, with the Brawlmachine list, Blood Bowl team and Zombie Dragon being my other goals for the year. The Blood Bowl team may be switched out for another project, but right now I’m knee deep in painting up paladins.

Excuse the potato quality photos, I’ll take some better ones to showcase the group once it’s all done.

I decided to use the Brawlmachine goal as an opportunity to knock out a bunch of thematically linked models, specifically the Order of the Wall. The Shield Sister was an absolute must, and the Indictor also sporting a sword and shield made it a thematic fit. Initiates were next, and I’m currently working on Anson Durst.

After Big Daddy Durst, it’ll be another heavy – likely a Reckoner, just because I like them – and a choir, and that’ll round us out to 25pts for the Brawlmachine list. Is it a competitive list? Who cares, it’ll be fully painted, and another chunk taken out of the pile of shame. Painting progress is painting progress.

And that’s the point I want to make today. None of these models are perfect, but they’re done. Every one of them took a LOT longer to paint than I would have liked, but they’re done. We’re all struggling with various challenges right now, many of them stemming from the sheer upheaval we’ve endured over the last year and a half. I set these painting goals without knowing some of the additional challenges that were going to come before me, and I’m hoping I can meet them, but if I can’t… that’s okay.

Hobbies are meant to be fun, not stressors, especially when everything around us is overloaded with bonus stressors right now. Enjoy your hobby. Let it be a creative outpouring, a meditative tool, a means to bond or learn. If you don’t hit your goal, okay. You made progress, and that’s more important. If you planned to do Model X but you’re unenthused while Model Y has caught your eye, paint Model Y. With everything going on, do what makes you happy. Be kind to you. Do the thing. I believe in you.