CaptainCon 2022 – For your consideration

For several years now, one of the most important events on Lost Hemisphere’s calendar has been CaptainCon, February’s bestestest tabletop gaming convention held in Rhode Island. Since that very first road trip when a bunch of us piled into a minivan and sauntered across the border into the wilds of the North Eastern United States, getting together with friends and peers at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick has been a touchstone for us, and of course, at this point we’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for our chosen charities as part of the Lost Hemisphere Charity Raffle.  Covid put paid to the idea of a 2021 event, but it’s back on the docket for 2022.

I’ll be blatantly honest, we don’t know yet whether Lost Hemisphere will be in attendance for 2022. While vaccines are being administered, we still harbor concerns about gathering in convention-level numbers, and at this time it’s also unclear of border policies that will impact travelling from Canada into the United States for leisure/pleasure purposes, and perhaps more significantly, policies that would impact our return home.

To that end, we have received word from the New England Privateers regarding their policies that will impact the running of CaptainCon 2022. We absolutely wish the Privateers every success with CaptainCon 2022, regardless of whether or not we’re able to attend, and thus we share the following information for your consideration, that you can determine for yourself if CaptainCon is something you can slot into your agenda next February.

CaptainConFebruary 4-6 2022
Warwick RI

CaptainCon Policies: LINK!

Of note for Canadian travelers with border concerns

For our Canadian friends for 2022, we recognize there’s still concern about the border being closed due to COVID-19.  So you can pre-register for your events with confidence, we will make an exception to the refund policy.  If the Canada/US border is closed by either side on February 1, 2022, you can request and receive a full refund for all of your pre-paid badge and event fees if you need to cancel, regardless of when you bought them.

CaptainCon Covid Policies: LINK!

Vaccinations:  The best thing anyone can do to help protect themselves and their community from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.  We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone who is medically able, whether you’re attending CaptainCon or not, to get vaccinated as soon as you can.  However, due to the logistical and legal considerations, we WILL NOT be requiring proof of vaccination status to attend CaptainCon.

Masks:  As of the writing of this page, current CDC and state guidelines strongly encourage all persons who are not vaccinated to wear a masks while indoors with others who are not in their household.  CaptainCon follows this same advice.  We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE anyone who should or wants to, to wear a mask while at show.  However, we do NOT require attendees to wear a mask nor will we enforce a mask mandate unless conditions and public health requirements change. 

Policies are, of course, subject to change, so be sure to check the above links to make sure you have the most up-to-date information available.

The situation is in constant flux, with the delta strain causing current concerns, and making hard and fast policies in the face of the evolving landscape is very difficult indeed, but the Privateers are monitoring CDC recommendations and their mindfulness of potential border concerns for us Northern types is appreciated.

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  1. It still amazes me that people haven’t gotten vaccinated.