BWU Goal: Durst is ready to brawl

Every once in awhile, there’s that shining, glorious moment when you actually finish a project. One of my goals for the Brush Wielders Union for 2021 was to complete a Brawlmachine list, so that I can get my Menite on when we’re all comfortable playing in person again. Don’t ask how the other goals are going right now (expect for the Warcry warband, that one’s done too!). Behold!

I opted to lean in on the Paladin subset with Anson Durst as my warcaster of choice. I had originally planned to include a Champion of the Order of the Wall, but when I finished up the Archon, it was just too pretty not to switch in as a visual centerpiece for the project.

After selling my old Menite army (because real life finances are a thing), it was difficult deciding on a new palette and colour scheme that I could happily replicate across an army, and felt right with the faction aesthetic. In the end, off-whites with purple cloth, gold filigree details and blue menofixes just seemed to be a good fit to my aging eye.

The Menite Archon, representing the best aspects of the True Law and not-quite-closeted pyromania, has cleaner armor than those mortal souls that fight for the remnants of the Protectorate on the surface of Caen.

The Reckoner is unadorned, represented the humble truths of the True Law as it caves the skulls of its foes with its enormous stuffed drumstick.

The Indictor is trimmed with golden elements representing the glory of Menoth as it introduces heretics to the tenets of the faith by means of the pointy end of its sword.

Four members of Menoth’s Choit chant hymns of praise to support the warjacks. Naturally, a full unit of six was actually painted, but there was only enough points for a base four in the list. I guess this means I have reserves?

The Shield Sister of the Order of the Wall leads a unit of Initiates onto the field. One of the Initiates had a run-in with one of our parrots, but aside from some chips to the halberd blade repairs were effective. Amusingly, I have two more Shield Sisters in the bins to paint at some point…

Finishing this project not only means I have a full Brawlmachine list ready to roll in my new scheme, it also means I now have three warcasters done, so I’m also situated to try out some Thunderdome… will they work well together? Pfft, not the point… but it’s a pretty sure bet someone’s going to be set on fire by the time the dust settles.

On to the next project!!!