When your Dork is a little Turbo

Isn’t it lovely when your FLGS gets in a new product that’s had your curiosity for months? Turbo Dork‘s metallics have been on my radar for while now, not least because of the Brush Wielders Union putting the spotlight on them awhile back. The reputation is for super sweet metallics and colour shifting paints, and while I have limited painting projects that call for things like paints that change colour depending on the angle of viewing, I was more than happy to swing by the store to grab some paint to play with.

I stared at the rack for quite some time before opting for Bullion (as a general Gold metallic), Cool Ranch (as a blue because I’ve been looking O-12 for Infinity), Multipass (as an orange, because I really like orange) and the Blue Raspberry colourshift, because blue to purple is a neat concept, and I was very curious that the paint in the bottle wasn’t blue or purple at all, but rather a thick white.

To try out the Cool Ranch and Multipass I thought I’d dab a little on Taskmaster’s shield, just to see how they worked next to each other. I thinned the Multipass a little more than I should have, but I’m happy with the tones, and the coverage from the Cool Ranch – which I conveniently didn’t overwater – was lovely.

Of course, what we’re really here for is the Blue Raspberry…

That white blob on the wet palette is the Blue Raspberry paint. The bottle on the partially painted little mushroom dude is what happens when you put that white blob of paint over a black base. I spent some time on the Turbo Dork website and their Learning Center to make sure I knew what I was doing – which was largely just… painting with a brush and not worrying that my paint looked like pearlescent milk – so I knew what to expect, but I was still very impressed with the results. You can see the purple shift around the lower curve of the bottle. Sadly for me, it’s way prettier than the rest of the paintjob, but I’m still chuffed with how well it worked.

Having the bottle all shiny also pushed me to finish the rest of the little guy, who’d sat partially painted in the project bin for … way longer than I’d like to admit. This model is from Super Dungeon, and is the model that replaces the hero figures when the Furious Fungomancer turns them into mushrooms. He’s now made his way into the cabinets in the basement with all the other painted chibis, making room in the project bin for OTHER things that haven’t seen any paint love since time immemorial. You know, other things that could use some sweet metallics… like the rest of the Turbo Dork range 😉