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  • RQ: Feora the Forsaken and the Four Horseymans

    On the one hand we have arguably the most ambitious woman in the Iron Kingdoms, having spent years rising to be one of the most powerful and influential individuals in the hierarchy of the Protectorate of Menoth, only to find her schemes torn asunder as the Iron Kingdoms fell apart during the Infernal invasion. On the other, we have four gremlins with macabre hobby horses, representing the riders of the apocalypse and generally causing havoc. Feora the Forsaken and The Four Horseymans are here to join your games of Riot Quest and Warmachine/Hordes.

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  • Burning Wings of Fire

    Oblivion stalks the Iron Kingdoms. The Infernals have arrived to demand their due, and few are able to stand in their way. Strange alliances are formed as Morrowans and Thamarites cast aside age-old enmity and join forces, but the stakes are so high that even the divine are entering the fray, sending their avatars to fight side by side with the faithful. Today we’re taking a look at another model snaffled from GenCon, the Menite Archon.

    Four pieces of resin, four pieces of metal. Menoth’s archon is a study in balance, as it weighs the fate of the Infernals who have dared to invade Immoren to claim the souls of those dedicated to Menoth.

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  • Theme Preview: Exemplar Interdiction

    Surprise! You get Friday’s post early! After talking yesterday about the Faithful Masses, it’s only fitting that my faith in Menoth is rewarded. Turn your eyes to the heavens, oh faithful Menites, for the word of the True Law is manifest in the Lost Hemisphere. I present to you, the last of the Warmachine Theme Force Previews for the Protectorate of Menoth. Losties of all descriptions, I present the Examplar Interdiction.

    While the Paladins of the Order of the Wall are the bulwark against which the enemies of the Protectorate break, the Exemplar Orders are mailed fist that drives forth at the direction of the priesthood to deliver Menoth’s word to the Iron Kingdoms.

    If you’re keen on fielding all the Weapon Masters, the Exemplar Orders would like to welcome you to chat.

    This new iteration of the Exemplar Interdiction doesn’t change the army composition.

    • Any warcasters
    • Any non-character warjacks
    • Fire of Salvation
    • Examplar models/units
    • Scrutator models/units
    • Vassal models/units
    • Choir units
    • Reclaimer models/solos
    • Heirophant solos
    • Wrack solos
    • The standard mercenary inclusion

    For those keeping count at home there are (at the time of writing) six Exemplar units, including Rhoven and his bodyguard. There are no Vassal or Scrutator units yet, but there’s room for growth.

    Exemplar solos include all three Seneschals, Gravus, both the regular Warders and Elias Gade. Hand of Silence rides out with the Reclaimer Gatekeepers, and Scrutator Potentate Severius is also welcome to come along and share Eye of Menoth with everyone, because why the heck wouldn’t you?

    While the theme doesn’t specify battle engines or structures, per War Room the Shrine of the Lawgiver counts as an Exemplar model, and the Vessel of Judgment is a Scrutator model, so you can include every 120mm base model available to the faction.

    Requisition Points allow you to bring a command attachment, two Vassals, or a small/medium based solo. That’s every solo on the list except for Hand of Silence and Gravus, and this is the part where I note that Severius0 is a 6pt model and you can get him for free, because why the snot wouldn’t you?

    The improvement on the older iteration is that the Requisition Points will allow you to get two free Vassals of Menoth as a single Requisition choice. Like Severius0, this is 6 free points of models, and gives you extra warjack support should you wish it. Something like this highlights the benefit of using Requisition Points. Previously, to get any free models you had to spend a significant portion of your points on Exemplar models. Not in itself a bad thing, but under this iteration you have the freedom to wield a wall of warjacks with some supporting Exemplars, rather than forcing an infantry-heavy list.

    The special rules of the theme force are fairly straightforward, but they’re beautiful in their simplicity.

    • The melee weapons of Protectorate warjacks in this army gain Blessed
    • Exemplar models in this army gain Aegis

    So every single melee weapon on every warjack you field, supported by the Choir and Severius’ Eye of Menoth and whatever other shenanigans you can wield, ignore every spell and animus on any opposing models that buff their DEF or ARM. None of their defensive buff magics can withstand your righteous assault. This was a part of the existing theme.

    Then, every single Exemplar model – and this includes the Shrine of the Lawgiver, Fire of Salvation, and the Exemplar warcasters – is immune to fire and corrosion continuous effects. You get to set your enemies ablaze but they can’t return the favor. This replaces a 2″ extension to the deployment zone as a theme benefit.

    The changes to the theme are subtle but significant. Listbuilding opens up significantly with the change to Requisition Points, and the option to build an Exemplar Interdiction list as something other than an infantry swarm bears examination. The loss of the 2″ deployment extension may have impact on more games than the immunity to continuous effects, but I’m totally in for an (almost) army-wide immunity to being set on fire.

    Oblivion is on the horizon, the winds of change are blowing, even through the colonades of Sul. The Exemplars muster for war, blessed weapons brandished in faith. Will you march forth?

  • Menoth giveth… Guardians of the Temple theme force

    Devotees of the True Law, your patience has been rewarded. Menoth, through his loyal vassals at Privateer Press, has seen fit to grace us with a preview of one of the updated theme forces. Specifically, Guardians of the Temple, lending strength to the unwavering defenders of the temples of Menoth, the Flameguard.

    An image snuck its way online but it’s a little blurry. No worries, I got you.


    • Protectorate Warcasters
    • Non-Character Warjacks
    • Blood of Martyrs
    • Eye of Truth
    • Hand of Judgment
    • Flameguard models/units
    • Choir of Menoth
    • Reclaimer solos
    • Vassal solos
    • Wrack solos
    • Protectorate structures
    • The usual blurb allowing mercenaries, but let’s face it, it just means I’ll have Idrians all over the place.


    • One Protectorate command attachment
    • Two Reclaimer Gatekeeper solos
    • Two Vassal solos
    • One other small- or medium-based Protectorate solo


    • While base to base with another model in their unit, Temple Flameguard trooper models gain Tough and cannot become knocked down.
    • Up to one Daughters of the Flame unit in this army gains Ambush

    Now, time will tell how the new theme structure works in the new meta as everyone adjusts to the new, adjusted rules, but out of the gate the Special Rules make me happy in that TFG are harder to kill in the theme, and Daughters get Ambush. The free model options aren’t bad – Reclaimer Gatekeepers in a troop-centric list are good times and as much as I miss Soulstorm, having the Gatekeepers as Jack Marshals can make for an easier load for your warcaster. Vassals are always handy, we’ve got some great command attachment options, and the last option is any solo except… Gravus and Hand of Silence? I expect that it’ll exclude the Covenant of Menoth as well.

    In terms of models allowed, being able to bring any of the Flameguard warcaster’s character warjacks – Blood, Eye and Hand – with any warcaster without breaking the theme restrictions is intriguing, and may lead to some interesting combinations once people get busy with their playtesting.

    Sadly, the theme doesn’t allow Paladins, so my current army plans won’t fit with this theme, but someone out there needs to do some amazing things with Pyrrhus, and this theme may be the perfect avenue for that to happen.

    Now excuse me while I get back to working on Sekrit Projekt so I can knock it off the painting table, and can line up Durst and his posse… and a bucketload of Zealots.

  • Holy crud, he painted something…

    Lock up your horses, hide your corned beef! It’s a world gone made, I tells ya… Painting miniatures has always been a huge part of the tabletop wargaming hobby for me. I find it therapeutic – as stressful as getting the right tone in the recesses or trying to remember the recipe you used on a model four or five years ago, it’s a different kind of stress than dealing with the twists and turns of adulting.  Now, while my old Menite army has changed hands a couple of times, the current owner is still local to the Gdaycave, and as new models are released I occasionally find myself getting a text.

    The end result is a handful of models painted to match my old Menite theme – or at least, using the same blue 😉

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  • Wings Ablaze: The Menite Archon

    The Oblivion CID continues to trundle its merry way, taunting all and sundry with talk of Morrowan armies rising to fight the new threat of the Infernals, but let’s be honest, for many of us our interest is piqued by the Archons, manifestations of the cosmic powers lurking beyond the Immoren’s material plane. Morrowan, Menite, Thamarite, Void, Primal and Dhunian. As fascinated as I am by the implications of Rolling Earth on the Primal Archon, and acknowledging that there are CID rules and not finalized (that’s a grumble for another day), it should come as no surprise to anyone whatsoever that the Menite Archon has the lion’s share of my attention.

    Armor like an Exemplar, wings of fire that remind Ashes-To-Ashlynn who real pyromaniacs are around here, and armed with a sword and flail? It’s like Vindictus found an old Zoltar machine at Coney Island and wished he was Big.

    The current iteration (as of the time of writing) comes loaded with all sorts of things I love to see in a pyromaniacal manifestation of Law and Order.

    • Ashen Veil – Stand too close and the smoke and heat will get to you
    • Flame Trail – He’ll set you on fire as he walks past too
    • Soul Ward – No stealing the souls of the faithful, you naughty Thamarites!
    • Righteous Fury – Pick on his pals and get angrier
    • Swift Vengeance – Beat up his pals and he’ll come after you
    • Divine Inspiration – Roll an extra dice for melee attacks and damage, toss the lowest.

    It’s a beautiful collection of abilities, backed by a sword with Dispel, and a flail, with Grievous Wounds – both of which set everything on fire, because of course they do, and there’s the option to use the flail for a 2″ Reach Thresher attack if you need to clear some infantry, or perhaps just pretend you’re a Castigator and try to set everything around you on fire.

    The sheer amount of burnination the Menite Archon can unleash makes him an excellent match for the Warcasters that feed on flame – Feora2 making sure the flames don’t expire and getting full use of her Wildfire feat, and Malekus’ Raging Inferno making the fires a serious threat to higher armored models – and the idea of a Sword-And-Flails list with Vindictus, Archons and Scourge of Heresy makes me smile, but I’d be pretty happy to slot a pair of these guys into almost any Protectorate list. Any actual list building will wait until we have finalized rules, but you can be assured I’ll be looking to score a pair of these.

    After all, Menoth wills it.



  • Baby Paladins: Initiates of the Wall

    Ah, Menites. I’m unreasonably happy whenever I get to write a post about bunch of zealous pyromaniacs, and today I get to post about some that are actively the good guys. The Protectorate is all about the True Law, and different facets of the faction embrace the Word of Menoth from different perspectives. The Paladins of the Order of the Wall are some of the few that are actively dedicated to protecting the innocent from the evils of the world. These guys, the Initiates of the Wall, are Paladins in training. They dream big and one day will earn their Firebrands.

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  • The die is cast, and it’s a rock.

    Monday’s blog post, I posited four options and asked for your thoughts, dear Losties… and it sounds like no-one’s super keen to see me paint up Flameguard. Three of the options – Feora1, Malekus and Thyra – were all overshadowed by your apparent desire to see me swing completely away from the High DEF playstyle that I enjoyed with Amon Ad Raza. Instead of daring my opponents to even try attacking my kicky monks for fear of their barefoot reprisals, I will instead be the rock against which the waves break. When the hordes surge forth to deliver death and destruction to the innocent, they will find in front of them a wall. Oddly enough, one armed with a burning lance.

    I’ve always been a fan of the Order of the Wall. To use the D&D alignment matrix – which is really a gross oversimplification – the Protectorate is all about Law, but it covers the full spectrum from Good to Evil. The Order of the Wall, more than any other group within the Protectorate, are dedicated to the defense of the innocent, to saving lives rather than ending them. High Paladin Dartan Vilmon is legend, one of the greatest warriors in the Iron Kingdoms (seriously – all the models out there, how many have a natural MAT of 9?), and this is the shadow Anson Durst has grown from, as the second character model available from the Order.

    When I sit here and ponder what sort of list to build around Anson, the choice is pretty clear to me. Warjacks – because Anson is very definitely a battlegroup-centric warcaster – and then load up on the Order, with options being Vilmon, Paladins, the Champion of the Order of the Wall, and once I can get my hands on some, some Initiates. All those warriors looking to defend the squishy, I think maybe some Holy Zealots.

    For now, I’m considering:

    Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith
    – Templar
    – Indictor
    High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
    Champion of the Order of the Wall
    Paladin of the Order of the Wall
    Paladin of the Order of the Wall
    Choir of Menoth (6)
    Holy Zealots (10)
    – Monolith Bearer
    Holy Zealots (10)
    – Monolith Bearer

    Per the Faithful Masses theme force, this list comes out to 50pts, with Vilmon and one of the Paladins being free of cost. I get to put a bonus wall on table for zealots to hide behind, and both warjacks gain Hand of Vengeance. The list isn’t consciously geared to win by attrition, assassination or scenario, but it will lead to my having a warcaster, two heavies, a bunch of heavies, and a small swarm of Zealots painted, which can be the foundations for future projects.

    It’s not set in stone, but there are no models on that list that I’d object to painting, and I’d be well placed for any hawt Paladin action in future lists. I still need to finish some commission work before I can start this, but I’m liking where it’s heading. Now the project just needs a stupid name. Project Avuncular Speartip maybe…

  • Decisions, Decisions… What does Menoth Will?

    When one doesn’t have the cell phone number of the Harbinger of Menoth, it can be difficult knowing what Menoth Wills. Yes, that gets a capital. The True Law may have been manifest of the on the living flesh of Heirarch Voyle, but try as I might, despite all the paraphernalia and whatnot that I’ve collected in my over-a-decade Warmachine career (gad, it’s been a long time since I painted that first Gunbunny). Now I find myself plotting a personal painting project for after I’ve finished my current commission work. Over the last several years, since I had to sell my original Menite collection, the stable of warcasters has expanded significantly, and while I could roll a d20 (literally, we have 20 warcasters to choose from), I’d rather not *completely* cast the the fate of my reborn Menites to the whims of fate.

    As I look back at my old Menites I can see the evolution of the scheme grom my first Kreoss to the 2010 resculpt. I got smart and started using DragonForge bases,and though I still struggle to muscle through all the studs and rivets. I was much happier with the later incarnation.

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  • 15 years: Caine and Severius

    Ever been to a high school reunion? Everyone pretends that they’re still friends with the people they hung out with, that they weren’t jerks to those they’d wedgied and stuffed into lockers, that they weren’t still nursing a grudge against the gym teacher. 15 years have passed since Warmachine was first released,and Privateer is celebrating by sharing baby photos of some of the most notable personalities of the game. Well, not baby photos per se, but incarnations of our favourite characters beforethey were our favourite characters.

    Before Caine was an agent of political change he was a Journeyman. Warcaster. He was still a gunslinger, even if he hadn’t yet honed his craft to spellstorm-infused art. Before Severius was the guiding hand of Menoth for a nation of the faithful, he was a Scrutator wandering around identifying heresy and being a jerk, just on a smaller scale than when he got bigger hats.

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