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  • MCP: Dead Center – Bullseye

    What do you get the man who never misses for Christmas? No, seriously, I’m asking. I drew Bullseye in the Secret Santa draw, and I’m terrified that if I give him something he doesn’t like, he’ll kill me with it. I’m thinking I should probably stick with something with no edges at all, and super soft… Do we know if he knits? Maybe a ball of cashmere wool or something? Is that even a thing?

    Bullseye is one of the most remorseless killers in the Marvel Universe. Even ignoring that he has preternatural accuracy and can kill you with a paperclip, ignoring that he has an adamantium spine, ignoring that he managed to successfully masquerade as Hawkeye in the Dark Avengers, the guy is just messed up in the head. He’ll kill you, even if he hasn’t been hired to do so, for the simple satisfaction of proving that he can, using whatever insignificant detritus he found on your kitchen floor. Death by frozen pea isn’t high on my list.

    Bullseye’s basic Throwing Knifeattack rolls a decent 4 dice, ignores cover, and characteristically inflicts the Bleed condition. His Pin Cushionhits a little harder with 5 dice, but it also  ignores cover, inflicts Bleed, and actually gives you two attacks for the cost of 4 Power, as long as they both target the same model. 5 dice may not be the most we see but rolling two attacks means you’re averaging a cost of 2 power each. There’s definite stabby value there, and at a very respectable 4 range.

    Hit and Runlets you keep Bullseye at range, allowing you to pay 2 power to use either of your attacks and then move M away. Any heavy hitters that get their hands on our little marksman here will mess him up solidly, so having him stab and then skip away is a good thing.

    I Never Miss is a rude little neener-neener when your dice crap out or your opponent’s just too well armored, letting you pay 1 power if you failed to damage your target, and inflicting one wound regardless of any defensive tech they may have.

    Parting Shotis similarly themed, allowing you to inflict one wound on an attacker and then letting you skip Bullseye further away, ideally out of range of their attack. Remember, staying away from opposing bruisers means more throwing knives fired off without repercussion!

    Bullseye and Daredevil were both a lot of fun to paint, and may be one of my favorite two-packs to date from Marvel Crisis Protocol. You can snaffle your own from your preferred online retailer or FLGS>

  • MCP: Unboxing Daredevil and Bullseye

    Every comic studio has its mainstays, and popularity swings with pop culture. The Marvel movies have thrust the Avengers lineup into the spotlight, making A-listers out of even the lovable losers of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who spend a significant part of the last few decades wallowing in near obscurity. Then there’s characters that have enjoyed some of the best writing in the industry, some of the most iconic moments, who haven’t captured the general public’s attention in quite the same way. Daredevil is one such character. (I will note that the Daredevil series on Netflix was very good and is worthy of your attention. The 2003 move somewhat less so, but I still enjoyed the snot out of Colin Farrell’s Bullseye).

    Pairing Daredevil and Bullseye is practically a must. Kingpin is coming out separately, and the only other character I would possibly consider would be Typhoid Mary, but Bullseye trumps her too. A hero with perfect situational awareness, near peerless acrobatic skill and superlative combat training vs a sociopathic maniac with an adamantium spine who can kill you with a paperclip. What’s not to love?

    We’ll delve more into their tabletop potential once the models have cleared the painting table, but for now let’s take a look at the models themselves.

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