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  • MCP: Civil War – Captain America and Iron Man

    It’s been a busy old time in the Gdaycave, what with work and life and other such stuff, and the painting table’s been busy with a number of commissions and review models, but I’ve been able to enjoy slowly putting paint on various personal projects in between other models, not the least of which has been working through the remainder of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol starter box. Today we get a double whammy, with Captain America and Iron Man both being finished.

    Captain America and Iron Man are both pivotal characters in the Marvel Universe, and both have played critical roles in storyline after storyline, crossover after crossover. Both have led the Avengers for significant stretches, and both have led their own teams over the decades, but perhaps never with the impact on the Marvel Universe as they did during the Civil War storyline.

    The comic Civil War was a little different than what we saw in the movies. After an elementary school is blown up by the villain Nuke during a botched attempt to capture him by the New Warriors, more interested in getting ratings for their reality TV show than in safe apprehension of a bad guy who can literally detonate himself in a localized nuclear explosion (and reform himself later), public outcry demands that the New Warriors – and all superheroes – be held responsible for collateral damage caused by their conflicts. They demand all superheroes be registered and licensed, young superheroes be trained before being allowed to go save the day, and more.

    Tony is the figurehead for the Superhero Registration Act, which he sees as trying to safeguard not only the public, but also future generations of superheroes. Steve sees the whole thing as an infringement of their rights, and believes heroes should be free to act without government oversight. This in large part mirrors the ideologies we see in the movies. Iron Man and the pro-SHRA side are in the limelight, and Captain America and his allies are driven underground. The whole thing ends when an sleeper assassin kills Steve Rogers, leading to the chain of events that results in Sam Wilson – The Falcon – taking up the shield as the new Captain America. Until Steve Rogers returns, of course, because it’s a bloody miracle when anyone actually stays dead in the comics.

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