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  • Dungeons & Lasers 2nd edition arrives

    While the third Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter is generating a lot of buzz at the moment, what with its pretty much fulfilling all of your NPC miniature needs, it was a a delightful day at the Gdaycave at the end of last week when a big box arrived at the door, all the way from Archon Studios in Poland, with a whole bunch of boxes from the second Kickstarter! A new Core set, some extra rooms, three boxes of Stretch Goals, two dragons, and Jerry the Jello.

    I was impressed by Archon Studio’s products when I first saw them at GenCon (and received a sample sprue), and I was super excited to be able to build some dungeons for my D&D group before the pandemic decided that we were only going to be playing remotely, but I dream of that day when we can once more gather in the Gdaycave in person (yeah, Ontario’s still in lockdown and stuff) and dammit, I want to be able to make it the best gaming experience I can for my players. In the meantime, the Stretch Goals make for some bloody amazing base accessories…

    Today, though, I want to introduce you to Jerry and Durkar.

    Meet Jerry, the fastest gelatinous cube in the West.

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  • Vying for your coin: Kickstarter Confluence

    As we star down the barrel of the warmer months in the Northern hemisphere, we’d normally be planning adventures outside, but the vagaries of a global pandemic continue to have many of us staying inside for our own wellbeing, as well as for the good of our communities and loved ones. Thankfully, there’s some super groovy things out there to keep us occupied, and we’re in the middle of three Kickstarter campaigns that may pique your interest. Three contenders have been circling my wallet like hungry sharks…

    Marvel United: X-Men

    Anyone who’s follows Lost Hemisphere for any length of time knows I’m a fan of chibi models – there are plenty of Ninja Division products in the Gdaycave – and a lifelong love of comic books means I’m well familiar with every single model in this kickstarter. At the time of writing there are  49 models in the core pledge alone (including the Stretch Goal additions), and an additional 29 in the Additional Options, before you even consider that they’re also including all of the models from the original Marvel United kickstarter as optional buys.

    Is the game any good? I have no idea, I haven’t played the original though will note that it’s received some exceptionally good reviews, and if you scored the expansions there’s a *lot* of options and gameplay variants. It’s a co-op game, with the players all teaming up against whatever the mission parameters are, and each expansion introduces new concepts – such as Apocalypse being reinforced by any of his Horsemen you weren’t able to defeat, or the members of the Phoenix Five powering up as you defeat each one, culminating in the last opponent having the full power of the Phoenix Force.

    The appeal for me is, frankly, the amazing figures. I still low-key kick myself for not buying into the last one because it means there’s a Beta Ray Bill figure out there that I don’t own, but for this round the designers have done some super deep dives into X-lore. Hell, you can field the entire Peter David era X-Factor, with everyone except Havok in the right uniforms. I guess he didn’t like the puffy jacket…

    The models are gorgeous, it’s almost like they know that the punters won’t care about how good the game is if they’ve got an amazing collection of chibi models of beloved characters…

    Monster Hunter World

    In stark contract to the X-Men, I’ll confess to knowing nothing about Monster Hunter World other than (a) it’s popular, (b) there’s a movie in the works. While Pokemon made its mark on pop culture with Pocket Monsters, Monster Hunter World seems to be carving its way with Definitely Not Pocket Monsters. I mean, unless you’ve got some enormous pockets.

    This one’s produced by Steamforged, whose track record includes the very successful (albeit inexplicably abandoned) Guild Ball, and more recently, the Epic Encounters series of self-contained encounters and mini-campaigns for D&D. Monster Hunter World is a visually gorgeous adventure into a world of, well, hunting enormous beasties, armed with comically exaggerated weaponry, so the game is loaded with miniatures accordingly.

    The core game has you scouring the Ancient Forest, but you also have the option to fight your way through the Wildspire Waste, and there are several additional add-ons for more weapon options and three Elder Dragons – Kushala Daora, Nergigante and Teostra.

    Without having played the video game, the main appeal personally is the sweet looking minis. The hunters are 33mm scale, but the gribblies range from 75mm to 255mm in height, meaning if you’re looking for a stock of giant monsters to paint your way through, you’ll get your fill here. Gameplay wise, each hunter and each monster is unique in how they play. Hunters are defined by their weapon selection, so with 20 different heroes to choose from (potentially more to be unlocked by stretch goals), there’s going to be some decent replayability before you even consider that each monster will also have its own profile, attacks, and generally ruin your day. Monsters will spit venom at you, slam you around the board, try to drown you in putrescent sludge, bullrush past your teammates to pin you in a corner…

    I have no idea if it’s better to be melee-centric or focused more on ranged attacks, but I’ll take the Insect Glaive based on the name alone.

    Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage

    Ah, now here’s something I know a little about! Riot Quest is Privateer Press’ alternate timeline game where the more mercenarilly inclined survivors of The Claiming scavenge their way across the remnants of the Iron Kingdoms, fighting for money, power, and cool loot. The main game was kickstarted last year, and the Chilly Con Carnage kickstarter gives us an opportunity to get early access to the expansions that make up the second half of the Wintertime Wasteland block.

    From the Karchev/Deathjack boss fight expansion to the Heist expansion with Princess Delores, now’s your chance to add new depth to one of the most entertaining arena board game experiences out there, bringing the Warmachine/Hordes flavor with a dash of wackiness.

    Form your ranks with new heroes, including Widget: Mathlete Archaeologist and the combo hero Dreyfuss & Flubbin: Storm Patrol! Or of course you can add the Karchev/Deathjack hybrid monstrosity, but you know me, I’m all about the Living Covenant…


    The kickstarter also gives you a chance to pick up either of the Riot Quest starters and alternate sculpts of some of the earlier heroes (including the Blinged Out versions of Bamfist and Gubbin), not to mention Kommandog Barkevich, who I am told is a very good boy, and appreciates pats.


    Three very different kickstarters, no doubt appealing to different audiences, but I think it’s fair to say there’s something for everyone to help keep you busy once they deliver, even if it’s only staring at the pile of models you’ve just garnered and trying to figure out what to paint first. What’s tickling your fancy?


  • LHBulletin: Apocrypha


    Lost Hemisphere likes to support peeps when they do cool things. It’s a large part of why we work with Dragon Forge Design, Broken Egg Games, and KR Multicase. Right now – like, totes RIGHT NOW – there’s a Kickstarter being run by Strix Publishing, spearheaded by Mr Simon Berman, who has alwaysbeen one of our most ardent supporters. Not only is this a thing being done by a guy who’s shown us much love, thus inclining me to show the love back, but it’s for a tome dedicated to the art of Jason Soles. You may have heard of him, and how he sold his soul to Toruk to get Matt Wilson to allow Cryx to be a faction in Warmachine. So here’s a thing, being promoted by a guy we all know, for a guy we all know.


    You can listen to words coming out of my mouth as I talk with Simon Berman about this thing with this link – LINK! – and you can look at the Kickstarter by clicking this link – Other Link.

    Go, with my blessing.

  • Monday Miniatures: Arena Rex Ladies & Monktopus?!?

    I was pondering what to slot into this morning’s scheduled bloghole, when pal Pat from Artisan’s Edge pinged me and let me know he’d finished the next trio of Arena Rex models for me! For those out of the Arena Rex models are true scale gladiators from a number of backgrounds, making for some very fine model components. Today I thought I’d show you the fruits of his labors, as well as a little something special that arrived in the mail on Friday – a late gift for Lost pal Captain Spud… The Monktopus!

    The ladies today are, in order, Viatrix, Bjarrhvit and the kickstarter exclusive model, Lupa

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