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  • Dossier Decks: Ombarr Ruthnok, Orc on the Run

    Creating NPC’s for a roleplaying campaign can be a fun mental exercise. You never know when the NPC you breathe life into will inspire a future PC, a campaign, or even an entire setting – all built off the concept of one character. I thought today we’d do our first Dossier Deck character of 2021 by opening the fourth and final deck from the original kickstarter: Orcs & Goblins. For those unfamiliar, SkeletonKey produced four Dossier decks – Commoners, Merchants, Mages and Orcs & Goblins. Each deck has appearance, story hook and trait cards. You shuffle each card type, draw one of each, and bam, you get your NPC. While each deck is fully fleshed out in itself, you can mix all four decks together for maximum versatility, and they can be easily resorted thanks to the deck icons in the bottom corner of each card.

    Today we’re solely using cards from the  Orcs & Goblins deck. Our shuffle has yielded:

    • Appearance: Ombarr Ruthnok – a senior orc in good health, with solvered hair
    • Traits: Nervous tics and a touch of pyromania – my kinda guy.
    • Story Hook: Family Jewel/All-Seeing Eye. Ombarr has been charged with the safekeeping of an orb that’s being sought for its magical properties.

    So let’s start with the appearance. Orcs are often portrayed as a more barbaric culture, but Ombarr’s silver hair suggests that he’s already lived much longer than the stereotypical lifespan. The card state that he’s still healthy and strong, so we’ve got a senior orc who can still brawler. I’m put in mind of the Silver Horde from the Discworld books – a character who, by all rights, should have died a dozen times over but has instead defeated all-comers and, despite the ravages of time, can still hold his own. Ombarr was likely one hell of a brawler, and thus commands the respect and admiration of his clan…

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  • Norsgard

    I love just about everything about Warmachine and Hordes and the Iron Kingdoms as a setting. While I don’t see myself playing some factions, I can happily envision them as antagonists for the factions that I do favour. I love the depth of the setting, I love sinking into Skull Island Expeditions fiction and reveling in No Quarter background fluff. I sink my metaphorical teeth into High Command, and titter with glee as I load up Warmachine Tactics (which I really need to do more often)… but every once in awhile it’s nice to cleanse the palette. It’s no crime to enjoy another game line, to take a break from painting Bane Thralls and to paint something Chibi, to play a game with a different setting or mechanic for awhile. This is why you’ll sometimes see Relic Knights or Arena Rex posts, for example.

    I received a ping a few days back from a lad from Poland (always an exciting thing – Hello, Poland!) concerning a kickstarter that’s going on for a new game called Norsgard. Seemed potentially interesting, so I took a look to see what was to be seen.


    For me personally, a large part of absolutely any game is the setting. I’m a fluff nut. I occasionally refer to myself as a Fluff Bunny, but Fluffernutter might be more appropriate given my waistline. If I’m engaged by the setting, next is visual appeal. Are the components (be they tokens or models) well-made and spiffy looking? Are the printed materials decent both in terms of interior art and print quality? After that it’s down to the rules and mechanics. My head doesn’t wrap around such things in the same way as others, and I’m willing to work with some mechanical hiccups in the interests of a visually stunning game.

    That on the table, what’s the deal with Norsgard?

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