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  • MonPoc: Recycling The Zerkalo Way! – Zavod 075

    Hello, Citizens! I can’t help but notice how you’ve managed to do significant damage to your Earth’s ecosystem through pollution! I would like to introduce to you the superior recycling techniques we have developed in our home dimension, that you too might benefit from a planet covered in less discarded G.U.A.R.D. tank husks and the like. I am Kommander Yuri, and this is the pride of the Zerkalo recycling and reclamation program, Zavod 075!

    Zavod 075 comes in quite a few pieces, anchored on the two resin components that form the upper and lower body. Both arms are metal, with an upper arm, lower arm, and one single claw for each hand. The remaining pieces are the cannon and three separate chimney stacks. 

    More than just an enormous machine on treads with plenty of smokestacks and a dirty great cannon (purely for self defense, I assure you), the Zavod 075 is equipped with a bloody gigantic scoop to collect that scrap metal that G.U.A.R.D. has seen fit to issue ostensibly as weapons of war, and after dumping them into its hopper, this wonderful device can break down and reassemble the components, creating actually useful things like Spar rockets and Vorota Walkers!

    Zavod 075 can produce new units via a Summon action, or as part of a Brawl attack against an enemy unit, replacing the downed unit with a Zerkalo Bloc unit from your reserves. Once he goes Hyper, he loses the Summon action, but instead gains Salvage, turning debris from destroyed buildings into Power Dice. 

    Future generations of your dimension’s human children will be so glad you decided to embrace this recycling technology, so that you could leave behind a planet with far fewer G-Tank hulls. Reach out to your local Zerkalo Bloc agency and make your pledge to making a better world for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

    Zavod 075, as well as the Vorota Walkers (mobile spawning points) and SPAR (single use rocket launchers), are available through your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Have YOU pledged your allegiance yet?