Ealdormere Spring Coronation 2019

A long time ago (or, in the not-too-distant May 2019)
In a galaxy far, far away (or in the Kingdom of Ealdormere)
The Lupine Thrones will receive a new King and Queen!

When: Saturday, May 4, 2019
Where: The Rockton Agricultural Society, 812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, ON
Hosted by: Barony of Ben Dunfirth

Opening Time 10:00 AM
Closing Time 8:00 PM

Registration Fees
Adult Member: $15, Adult Non-member: $20, Children: $5

If you are bringing children, please click here: Link!

Feast Fees: Adults $15, Children $10
Feastocrat: Meredyth Llewelyn (Alicia York) aka The Crusty Tart
Download the Menu :: Behold yon ingredients
Feast Reservation Steward: Jocea Valente (Joleen Demarco)
– All reservation enquiries must include SCA Name, Mundane Name, and number of seats requested

Lunch Counter:
Lunch Counter Fees:  $5
Please note, lunch servings are limited, and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis
Cheques payable to: Barony of Ben Dunfirth

Your lunch main doth be
– Homemade Mac & Cheese (w/ optional homemade bacon bits and caramelized onions) -or- Allergen Friendly, Vegan, gluten free Mac & Cheese (Corn noodle base)
– Sides include cut veggies ( Cucumber, celery, carrots), Apples
– Dessert shalt be Brownies

Event Steward: Jørgen Lennertson (George Bird)

Directions to Site
From Toronto:
Follow Gardiner Expy West,
Merge onto Queen Elizabeth Way and ON-403 W
Take exit 74 from ON-403 W, onto ON-6 North 
Take ON-5 and ON-8 West to Old Hwy 8/Rockton Rd in Rockton, Hamilton

10:00am – Site Opens
11:00am – Morning Court
Lunch counter opens immediately following Court
Armoured Combat, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons begins shortly after Court
3:00pm – Herald’s Meeting
4:00pm – Afternoon Court
5:30pm – Feast

Armoured Combat Marshal in Charge: Duke Trumbrand the Wanderer
Rapier Combat Marshal in Charge: Duchess Kaylah the Cheerful

Combat Activities Schedule: 
Armoured list open for sparring and inspections, Rapier authorizations
Morning court (at the discretion of The Royal Family) 
12pm-ish: (after court)
Armoured combat: Authorizations and open list for sparring

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Rapier Tourney: The Kessel Run! 
– Can you make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs? This is a single sword skill exercise.  In the interest of fairness, the same sword will be used by all participants. 
Please note: Due to the potential risks of the Kessel Run, this tourney is open ONLY to fully authorized adult rapier combatants wearing full protective kit. No exceptions.
The Kessel Run will begin immediately following the Speed Tourney.
Armoured Combat: Warlord Tourney
– Fighters pair up, then a pair fights the next pair, then the quad fights the next quad, until we have two teams.
The teams will then fight a series of melees for fun and glory.
Rapier Tourney: Ealdormerian Speed Tourney
– double elimination, all double kills will be refought
1:pm (at the conclusion of the Kessel Run Tourney)
Armoured Combat Tourney: Lightsabers!
– Awaken your inner Force.
This is a bastard sword tournament.  Making light saber sounds are optional, but encouraged. Tourney format is round-robin.  If there are many fighters, two shark pools will be formed, and the top two of each will go to the semi-finals and finals. For purposes of this tourney, a bastard sword will be a maximum length of 54″, including the handle. No butt spikes.  Lightsabers do not have butt spikes.
Rapier field closed for lunch break.
2:30 pm
Armoured Combat Tourney: Bear-Pit 
– 1 hour in length. 2 points for a win. 1 point for a loss.
Rapier Tourney: Bear-Pit
– 1 hour in length. 2 points for a win. 1 point for a loss.